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State by state, country by country, we are in an age of opportunity. Make your mark now by creating exceptional cannaproducts for customers who are craving them.

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What do your customers want? Whether they’re the headiest stoner, the secret smoker, the soccer mom, or the retired couple - we have terpenes to fit everybody.

No matter if you’re already a huge multi-state operator or just somebody looking to make their mark in an age of opportunity, Abstrax has got you covered.

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Launch your senses into the upper atmosphere with mouth-puckering tartness. Fueled by the sweet and sour combo of juicy cranberries and pomegranates.

Energized Focused Sweet Tart
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Kiwi Berry provides a refreshingly tart take on those juice-filled drink pouches of days past. A burst of sweet green kiwis and ripe strawberries inspires relaxing dreams of sun-drenched tropical getaways.

Natural Flavor
Relaxed Inspired Berry Tropical
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Pink Lemonade is an exhilarating blend of sweet and tart. Ripe cherries fuse with zesty lemons for a juicy, sharp aroma that’ll pucker your lips and inspire last-minute adventures.

Natural Flavor
Energized Inspired Fruity Tart
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Unlike the simple strawberry banana from years past, this one is complex and craveable. Juicy strawberries elevate the rich sweetness of bananas.

Peaceful Relaxed Berry Fruity
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We conduct peer-reviewed scientific research and perform the industry’s most detailed analytics (by far) in order to create the most faithful and flavorful terpene blends on the market. We believe that no matter how good someone else’s customer service or marketing is, it won’t matter if their terpenes are just like everybody else’s. We prioritize the consumer experience above all else and aim to deliver unique and iconic flavors that solidify your brand for life.

Your customers are going to be the ones who vote with their wallet and you need to give them the best possible experience.

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Stay up-to-date with the industry and expand your knowledge of terpenes.

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