The 6 best terpene isolates for your body's wellbeing

If you’ve spent much time in dispensaries, you’ve likely heard talk of terpenes. If everything said is to be believed, it may seem that terpenes are the end-all, be-all of a mindful lifestyle. While this isn’t the case, terpenes can have a very positive impact on the body’s wellbeing. The fact that they are available as specific isolates helps to target specific symptoms and choose the product that will be the most beneficial.

Terpenes are what gives a strain its unique odors and fragrances. The reason why a product smells a certain way is often not given much thought.

Terpenes also commonly play into the naming of a strain. Purple Haze, for instance, is known for smelling of fruity sweetness, while Agent Orange has strong citrusy aromas. These smells are the result of the terpenes present in the strain and offer a number of wellness benefits beyond their pleasing aromas.

Even non-smokers can take advantage of the perks of terpenes through isolates and blends. Let’s take a look at those wellness benefits, and which terpene isolates they’re found in.

Humulene (Alpha-Caryophyllene)

Humulene is the terpene for those who like to drink IPA beers. The name comes from the scientific name for the hop plant, homulus lulupulus. It offers anti-inflammatory properties as well as appetite suppression. Humulene extracts and isolates have that familiar ‘earthy’ quality to them, much like that found in beer, and conjuring feelings of stepping out into nature.

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Straight out of the pine trees that line our hillsides, Pinene is known as a bronchodilator which helps us breathe easier -- an unsurprising quality given its formation inside the cone-bearing trees which clean our oxygen. If you’ve been feeling stuffed up or just haven’t had a chance to escape into the open air of the mountains or beach lately, a dose of Alpha-Pinene might be just what you need to clear the lungs and enjoy a breath of fresh air.

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Linalool summons the lavender aromas of birch and rosewood, using the calming natural elements of its host to soothe the mind. It can also relax the mental tension often associated with insomnia or depression. Isolates of this terpene have a spicy kick to them -- it is a remedy that makes its presence known right away -- that mellows into a floral aftertaste with a sedative effect. Linalool is your go-to for relaxation after a stressful day or sleepless night, a great way to hit the brain’s reset button.

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Caryophyllene is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that also serves as an antioxidant. Our Beta-Caryophyllene isolate will help your muscles and joints run smoother and with less pain, while tossing in the earthy aromas of hops and pepper to help clean out the system.

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Myrcene is a team player, evident by its presence in an extensive lineup of terpene blends. Hints of lemongrass and citrus are prevalent in this terpene which stand out even in terpene blends. Productive as an antibacterial supplement, myrcene boosts the benefits of a cleanse or diet. If is used for its psychoactive effects, myrcene can boost its impact during the course of a high.

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Lemonhead rejoice, this is your terpene! Super citrusy and bright, the impacts of limonene are most noticeable mentally. It can help boost your mood and counteract moments of heightened stress, working against anxiety and depressive notions. Limonene is a true day-booster, helping you put forth the right frame of mind to tackle that task list and stay both positive and productive.

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