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Lemon Jack

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We editors are supposed to be unbiased in our descriptions, but I find it hard to subdue my satisfaction with this particular blend. Jack Herer has always been a good friend of mine, but at times, a bit bitter on the tongue. This blend has shaved off the edges and rounded the smoky nut aftertaste with a refreshing citric smoothness. This is the refined blend of a gentleman, to be used as the ornamentation to an otherwise ordinary day.

 Energy Focus Abstrax Tech Uplifting

    • Name- Lemon Jack
    • Organoleptic's- (taste & smell): Nutty, Citrus
    • Dominant Terpenes- Terpinolene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene 
    • Solvent Free: Yes
    • Food Grade: Yes
    • Fillers: None

    Mixing Instructions: 

    Lemon Jack Terpene Blend can be mixed with distillate, shatter, wax, or anyother type of concentrate. We recommend starting your formulation by mixing 3% Lemon Jack into your concentrate. We do not recommend mixing more than 15% Lemon Jack blend into your concentrate solution. Before mixing Lemon Jack terpene blend into concentrate make sure you have all the appropriate equipment.