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Chinook Hop Profile



Chinook features a pine-like, spicy bouquet with robust flavors of grapefruit. They’re not only a natural for American-style Pale Ales and IPAs, but they also find their way into seasonal ales, barley wine and some porters and stouts.

Chinook, a cross between Petham Golding and a USDA male, was developed by the USDA breeding program in Washington State and released in 1985.

Product Details:

  • Name: Chinook
  • Powered by Terpenes
  • 100% efficient flavor/aroma transfer
  • Consistent from batch to batch
  • Increase in yield/profit by 5-30%
  • Water-soluble and completely dispersible
  • No solvents or synthetic carriers
  • TTB-Approved
  • Organoleptic's: (taste & smell): Grapefruit, Pine, Spice
  • Moods:
  • Dominant Terpenes: Beta Myrcene, Beta Caryophyllene, Humulene
  • Solvent Free: Yes
  • Food Grade: Yes
  • Fillers: None



Beta Myrcene Beta Pinene, Beta Caryophyllene, Alpha Pinene, D-Limonene, 4-Terpineol, Alpha-Bergamotene, Alpha-Bisabolol, Alpha-Terpineol, Borneol, Camphene, Camphor, Farnesene, Nerolidol, Citronellol, Citronellyl acetate, Fenchol, Fenchone, Gamma-Terpinene, Geraniol, Geranyl acetate, Isopulegol, Linalool, Nootkatone, Ocimene, p-Cymene, Terpinolene


Regulatory Forms:

Chinook - SDS

Chinook - PDS

Chinook - FIDS

Chinook - COA