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Calming Terpene Sample Kit

ABXSP0004A $99


Turbulent work or social life have you in a frenzied rut? Fear not: our Calm kit is packed with powerful and effective terpene blends crafted to quiet your troubled waters. Put your mind at ease as Jack Herer and friends chart the way for smooth sailing across tranquil seas. Chill out, calm down and relax with the most serenity-inducing terpenes Abstrax has to offer. Your customers will thank you.

This is a 6 piece sample kit consisting of 2-gram samples of our newest, most calming terpenes: Fire OG, Banana Kush, Northern Lights, Biscotti, Grape Ape, and Berry Gelato. Also included is a 2g bottle of our diluent, Tec Temper, as well as a 50 ml beaker.

Abstrax Tech Calming 


Product Details:

  • Names: Fire OG, Northern lights, Biscotti, Grape Ape, Berry Gelato, Banana Kush, Tec Temper
  • Solvent-Free: Yes
  • Food Grade: Yes
  • Fillers: None


Regulatory Forms:

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Mixing Instructions: 

Hybrid Terpene Blends can be mixed with distillate, shatter, wax, or any other type of concentrate. We recommend starting your formulation by mixing 3% blend into your concentrate. We do not recommend mixing more than 17% blend into your concentrate solution. Before mixing hybrid terpene blends into concentrate make sure you have all the appropriate equipment.