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Caryophyllene-Oxide is produced in cloves, white birch (betula alba), and peppermint, Coryophyllene-oxide has a spicy, peppery scent with a wooden and citric background. Its effect in both boosting and rounding out floral and woody fragrances results in its inclusion in many flavoring agents and food additives. 

Sweet  Spicy  Woody

    • Name - Beta - Caryophyllene Oxide
    • CAS – 1139-30-6
    • Sources - Black Caraway, cloves, hops, basil, oregano, black pepper, lavender, rosemary
    • Organoleptics (taste & smell) - sweet, spicy, dry, woody
    • From Naturally Derived Ingredients - Yes 
    • Solvent Free - Yes
    • Food Grade - Yes
    • Fillers - None