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The Creamery Sample Kit



Otherwise known as the scoopery or the ice cream parlor, a creamery is a classic location where frozen and frosted sweetness becomes available to anyone with cash. But even among the titanic, iconic flavors that compose the ice cream spectrum, a few have further distinguished themselves in the hearts and minds of the public. These chosen few are included in Abstrax’s Creamery kit; the tastiest, most delicious dessert foundations our connoisseur chemists have ever whipped up. No spoon necessary.

This is a 6 piece sample kit consisting of 2-gram samples of: Lime Sorbet, Mint Chip Ice Cream, Pistachio Ice Cream, Strawberry Milkshake (AKA Strawberry Milk), Rainbow Sherbert, and Wild In The Street Sherbert. Also included is a 2g bottle of our diluent, Tec Temper, as well as a 50 ml beaker.

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