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We utilize the most advanced strain analysis (by far) in the industry. This allows us to test for over 500 compounds while other terpene companies usually see only 30-50. It’s like using an electron microscope versus a magnifying glass.

Get started with a sample kit.

Grab a sample pack and experience the best of our classic terpene profiles.

Contains 2 g samples of: Blue Dream, Forbidden Fruit, Maui Wowie, Purple Punch, Strawberry Cheesecake, Tropicana Cookies.

Can't see it? Can't use it.

To put it another way, our analytical capabilities are at least 10x greater than any other terp company. It’s impossible to formulate an accurate terpene profile if you can’t see 90% of the ingredients.

"Phenomenal work guys, once again proving you are the unparalleled best team in the industry."

Mike Hennesy, VP of Innovation, Wana Brands

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Premium Strain Profiles use only botanically derived terps.

Classic flavor and effect without the skunk smell.