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Jack Herer

Jack Herer
Terpene Profile

100% All-Natural

Born from thousands of hours of research and development, the Signature Series represents a brand new age of authenticity in cannabis. Made in full collaboration with the cultivator themselves - this is the definitive Jack Herer.


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  • Storage and Dilution

    Storage: We strongly recommend leaving Signature Series profiles unopened until ready for use. After they’re opened you’ll want to keep them in a dark refrigerator at below 36F to preserve the wonderful sensitive aroma of cannabis. Storing them improperly will result in aroma degradation. Similar to a jar of flower, the more you open and expose it to air and light, the more likely gas will degrade/lose potency. For absolute best results, use within 3 months of receiving.

    Handling: Wear gloves and eye protection when handling. Use in properly ventilated area and out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, wood surfaces, and fabrics.

    Usage: These are highly concentrated food grade terpenes and flavors for manufacturer use only. Do not directly ingest, inhale, or touch with bare skin prior to dilution. For dilution recommendations, click here for our mixing guide.

  • Disclaimers

    With each state having unique and differing regulations regarding terpene blends and flavor additives, the blends that may be approved for use in one state may not be acceptable for use in another state, and vice versa.

    Please coordinate with your Abstrax sales representative about the compliance of these blends in your respective state/country. Each state has ever-evolving regulations and it is important that our customers ensure they are in compliance with their respective regulatory bodies.

  • Jack Herer Certificates

    Product Data Sheet

    Safety Data Sheet

    Certificate of Analysis

  • Abstrax Certificates

    Abstrax ISO 9001:2015

    HACCP Certification

    Kosher Certificate

Our Standards

No heavy metals or pesticides reach our facility. All ingredients are further tested using GC analysis and refined via molecular distillation to guarantee the absolute highest purity.

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  • Is Jack Herer the only Advanced Terpene Profile?

    Big nope.

    Both the Signature Series and the Native Series contain cannasulfur compounds (CSCs) to impart that gassy, skunky flavor and aroma that matches exactly with the flower’s metabolite fingerprint.2

    They’re both powered by the same underlying technology, but the Signature Series is made in full partnership with the original cultivator so that it’s a perfect representation.

  • Do Advanced Terpene Profiles require any special handling?

    Yes and no.

    You still use them just like regular terpene profiles, but the cannasulfur compounds are volatile and will evaporate if you open the cap too much. We strongly recommend that you leave them capped and sealed until you’re ready to make products.

    Think of it like a jar of flower. The more you open it, the more the aroma degrades. Click here to check out more guidance on Storage, Handling, and Usage.

  • Why do you call this a new age of cannabis?

    We set out to accomplish four things with the Signature Series:

    1. 1. Work directly with the best cultivators to create the signature version of their flower’s terpene profile based off of our industry-leading analytics and the cultivar’s (strain’s) unique metabolite fingerprint.
    2. 2. Give cultivators the opportunity to capture lost revenue and grow their brand by licensing their own signature profile to other companies looking to sell their infamous products.
    3. 3. Give consumers the opportunity to experience legendary cannabis strains as they were intended regardless of where they choose to shop.
    4. 4. Give 3rd-party companies the opportunity to sell 100% authentic products through a limited licensing agreement without expensive, complicated, and drawn out legal battles.

    It is shockingly common to find knockoff products that have been renamed for more marketability to help with their commercial appeal. There is nobody out there testing these products to see if this Gelato is actually Gelato, for example. You can call your product anything and get away with it.

    Brands who own the rights to these names are stuck playing whack-a-mole trying to stop knockoffs. Consumers are buying products thinking they’re paying for one thing while unfortunately getting something else.

    We have the capability to do better. The future of commercial cannabis is brands. Brand name strains, cultivators, and companies. It’s inevitable and, what’s more, it’s a good thing. It pushes cultivators to create more unique and excellent products in order to stand out. Consumers can have a wider selection of incredible cannabis. And for those companies who are selling knockoffs, this is an opportunity to give your customers what they want. An opportunity to sell the real thing.

    If you’re interested in reading more - check out our white paper.

  • Will there be more Signature Series profiles?


    The work that goes into a Signature Series profile is unheard of in the terpene space. We’re not joking when we say that we’ve invested thousands of hours into getting these products perfect.

    We are working directly with the world’s best cultivators who are making the most iconic and in-demand strains today.

  • Why can only Abstrax deliver authenticity?

    Hey, glad you asked.

    No other terpene company has our capabilities. Abstrax is the only terpene manufacturer licensed in the United States to study, extract, and formulate our own cannabis terpene profiles. Every other terpene company is relying on third-party labs to perform analytics with questionable and varying degrees of quality.

    We are the only terpene company in the world with a GCxGC (pronounced GC cross GC.) This is proprietary technology that allows us to test for well over 400 compounds found in cannabis. Other labs test for, on average, around 30-40 compounds. To put it another way, our analytical capabilities are at least 10x greater. It’s like using an electron microscope versus a magnifying glass. Other terpene companies might as well be formulating in the dark.

    Even if other terpene manufacturers work directly with cultivators, they are still throwing darts blindfolded trying to guess the correct ingredients. And no other terpene company is using cannasulfur compounds (the ingredients Abstrax discovered that give cannabis its distinctive aroma) so their resulting formula will smell like just a bottle of terps and nothing like the original flower.

    Only Abstrax can deliver authenticity.

The Abstrax Advantage

Abstrax is the only terpene manufacturer licensed in the United States to study, extract, and formulate our own cannabis terpene profiles. Every other terpene company us relying on third-party labs to perform analytics with questionable and varying quality. We work directly with the best cultivators to map their cannabis at its peak freshness completely in-house. We're not selling knockoffs based off guesswork or some cheap imitation.

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