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Add Terpenes to Your Products

By adding terpenes, you can enhance the effect, flavor and scent of your products to differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition

Skincare and Cosmetics

Push your cosmetic line to the cutting edge of beauty enhancement with the addition of functional terpenes. The addition of terpenes to your topical naturally enhances absorption of other functional compounds.



Straight out the bottle or in your coffee, your tinctures don't have to be unpalatable. Our terpenes add fantastic flavor and unparalleled function.


Food and Beverages

Terpenes are the optimal, natural replacement for artificial flavoring. Add flavor, fragrance and function to your product without adding calories. The best ingredients are made by nature and perfected by science.


Custom Formulations

When you want something utterly original, custom formulations become our primary objective. Not all great flavors are found. Some are built from scratch. We’re here to help you design your unique selling proposition. We can create, replicate, mimic or emulate any flavor you can dream up


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