A common motif throughout virtually all dispensaries, Blue Dream is a timeless favorite within the community. This strain is effective as a treatment for both the upper and lower body due to its genetics as a hybrid. The potent Blueberry of its name lends a palpably sweet taste and some anesthetic and slightly lethargic properties. Super Silver Haze accounts for the resonating sativa effects, headband feeling, and some extraordinarily thoughtful moments.

 Alertness  Anti-Inflammatory  Calming  Pain Management

    • Name- Blue Dream, Natural
    • Phenotype- Sativa 
    • Organoleptic's- (taste & smell): Sweet, Blueberry
    • Dominant Terpenes- Terpinolene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene 
    • Solvent Free: Yes
    • Kosher: Yes
    • Halal: Yes
    • Food Grade: Yes
    • Fillers: None