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Considered by some to be the least of the melons, honeydews are traditionally an unwanted but necessary inclusion in fruit salad and virtually nothing else. It’s a room-temperature appetizer that everyone pretends to enjoy until grandma leaves the room. This honeydew is different. It’s a true dark-horse flavor that wasn’t met with much enthusiasm before it appeared in the R&D testing room. Then, it won. Often under most people’s radar, this unexpected newcomer is sweetly creamy with a velvety melon base. But after one taste, and you’ll probably be on team honeydew, too.
Abstrax terpenes are sourced from naturally derived ingredients and do not contain CBD, THC or any illegal substances.

Abstrax Tech Uplifting Abstrax Tech Calm  Fresh

    • Name: Honeydew 
    • Organoleptics: Fresh, Melon, Green, Candy-like
    • Dominant Terpenes: D-Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene
    • Solvent Free: Yes
    • Food Grade: Yes
    • Fillers: None