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Pioneering terpene driven sensorial experiences that shape the industry.

We're the leader in botanical extraction, terpene and aroma compound research, with the most advanced 3D analysis from flower to essential oil. Our technology, research, and manufacturing makes it possible to reproduce each cultivars' unique profile using botanically derived formulations.

Unlocking the Power of the Plant With Research and Development

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Safety Tested | Highest Manufacturing Standards

We are the industry leaders when when it comes to terpene science.

We Follow HACCP & ISO 9001 Standards and adhere to rigorous processing SOPs. Our products are 100% pure, meaning our terpenes are undiluted by PG, VG, MCT, or coconut oil and free of any heavy metals and pesticides.

Additionally, our terpenes and terpene strain profiles are solvent-less, GMO-free, filler-free, and food grade. 

We follow best manufacturing processes and highest purity standards using only the best naturally derived ingredients. We will not offer any terpenes for sale until we know they are a perfect fit for your products.

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Custom Terpene Formulations

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Interested in Exclusive Terpene Formulations for Your Products?

Looking to have your own, exclusive terpene flavors to stand out from the competition?

We help differentiate brands and product lines with new product formulations. Every custom terpene formulation is engineered specifically for your brand's products and ideal customer experience. We're the only terpene supplier that offers custom formulations, made solely for you with exclusive rights. 

Depending on your end product, if you're developing a skincare/cosmetic product, tincture or food/beverage, we develop regular or water-soluble terpenes with the effects (uplifting, calming, energizing or focus) and flavors (fruity, herbal, earthy, citrus or exotic) of your choice. Fully customized to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!

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A Huge Breakthrough in the World of Flavors & Aromas

Discovery of the "Gas” Compounds

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