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Meet the Team

The magic behind Abstrax.

The Abstrax
Science Team

Just a few of the incredible people working behind-the-scenes.

Teamwork and collaboration is how everything gets done at Abstrax. We’re stronger as a team because we’re full of people who each bring their own unique experiences, viewpoints, and expertise. We’re just a bunch of super passionate folks who want to develop cool & unique offerings while tackling challenging problems. And we do it all together.

TJ Martin

Vice President of Research & Development

  1. Helped to discover and publish what makes cannabis smell gassy - leading to the most viewed publication in ACS Omega history.
  2. Successfully patented the usage of cannasulfurs in a variety of product formulations.
  3. Awarded the prestigious Goldstein Award by CSU Pomona for outstanding research in the field of cannabis aromas.

TJ Martin is a research scientist with a broad range of experience over the past thirteen years working on fundamental scientific research in new emerging fields, cannabis science, alternative fuels, product development, and flavor creation. He received his education from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in Chemistry.

As the VP of Research and Development he has overseen the creation of over 500 commercialized products, co-wrote peer-reviewed scientific publications, and successfully patented Abstrax discoveries protecting core product lines. The publications elucidated brand new VOC’s identified in cannabis, and the potential impacts of consuming widely used diluent products.

Kevin Koby

Chief Science Officer

  1. Played an instrumental role and was responsible for legalizing hydrocarbon extraction for cannabis in Canada in 2018.
  2. Has won 10 Cannabis Cups including a handful for “Best Vaporizer” and “Best Cartridge.”
  3. Helped to pioneer the creation and commercialization of solvent-free cannabinoid oil which as become ubiquitous within cannabis.

Kevin Koby is an organic chemist with extensive cannabis formulation & manufacturing experience. His early work helped to pioneer the creation and commercialization of solvent-free cannabinoid oil which has become ubiquitous within the cannabis industry. He received his education from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Chemistry.

Prior to cofounding Abstrax, Kevin served as the VP of Manufacturing/R&D for KingPen and LoudPack Extracts where he earned 6 High Times Cannabis Cup awards for his vape formulations and four additional Cannabis Cups for his concentrates.

As the Chief Science Officer for Abstrax, Kevin was responsible for the Canadian legalization of hydrocarbon extraction for cannabis. He has co-authored several peer-reviewed scientific publications that have been featured in Nature, ACS Omega, and Popular Science amongst others. His scientific leadership at Abstrax has resulted in breakthrough discoveries in cannabis flavor technology as well as the advancement of cannabis and hops extraction technologies.

Jennifer Guild

Vice President of Regulatory & Quality

  1. Has worked for over 22 years with the world’s largest flavor and fragrance houses helping to develop their regulatory departments.
  2. In 2017, she formed the Food Regulatory Guild with the goal of helping manufacturers build brand confidence through regulatory compliance.
  3. Earned her B.S. degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Jennifer Guild began her career with T. Hasegawa, one of the world’s top 10 flavor and fragrance companies. There, she spent four years developing flavors in the lab as an Assistant Flavor Chemist before transitioning to Regulatory Affairs. She helped form T. Hasegawa’s Global Regulatory Department before moving on to D.D. Williamson, a world leader in caramel and naturally derived colors.

At D.D. Williamson, she spent over 10 years helping to develop a Global Regulatory Department. In 2017, she founded the Food Regulatory Guild with the goal of assisting more food, feed, and cosmetic manufacturers in building brand confidence through regulatory compliance. She briefly worked for Firmenich, another of the world’s top 10 flavor and fragrance companies, as a Fragrance Regulatory Manager before joining Abstrax.

Jennifer joined Abstrax in 2022 to strategize, develop, and implement industry-defining regulatory and quality programs. These programs ensure that Abstrax consistently produces high-quality products that comply with the complex and ever-changing regulations of the cannabis market, while also exceeding customer expectations.

At Abstrax, Jennifer collaborates with multidisciplinary teams to evaluate both existing and new product innovations for their potential to meet global regulatory requirements, quality needs, and labeling claims in a responsible manner, from concept to commercialization. She also actively influences evolving regulatory policies to further establish Abstrax’s reputation as a leader in the industry and a valuable strategic business partner for customers.

Iain Oswald, PhD

Principal Research Scientist

  1. Has written 35 peer-reviewed scientific publications, presented at multiple national and local conferences, and is an inventor on numerous patents.
  2. Won the 2023 American Chemical Society’s “ElSohly Award” for Cannabis Chemistry.
  3. Earned a B.S. and M.Sc. in Organic & Inorganic Chemistry from the University of North Texas, and then a PhD in Materials Science from the University of Texas, Dallas.

Iain Oswald is a highly accomplished chemist with a passion for exploring the chemical properties of cannabis. He obtained his B.S. and M.Sc. from the University of North Texas, where he studied organic and inorganic chemistry. He obtained his PhD in Materials Science from the University of Texas at Dallas. He has published over 35 peer-reviewed articles, presented at multiple national and local conferences, and is an inventor on numerous patents.

At Abstrax Tech, Dr. Oswald’s research focuses on understanding the complex chemistry of cannabis, including the volatile organic compounds that give it its unique aroma. To comprehend the multifaceted chemistry of cannabis, Dr. Oswald’s research utilizes state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation, such as two-dimensional gas chromatography.

In particular, Dr. Oswald’s work on the discovery of volatile sulfur compounds, referred to as cannasulfur compounds (CSCs), has opened completely new avenues for studying and understanding the chemistry of cannabis.


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