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Unlocking the Power of the Plant With Research and Development

Step 1. The Most Advanced Terpene Analysis

We now offer the industries most advanced chemovar analysis including a deep dive to explore over 400 terpenes and aroma compounds. We map the 3D Metabolite Fingerprint™ from Flower to Extract. Click here for an introduction to our cannabis analytics. 

Creating the Highest Industry Standards

Step 2. Highest Purity Natural Terpene Isolates

After researching each chemovar and identifying new valuable aroma compounds we responsibly vet and source all 200+ botanically derived ingredients from around the world for purity, ensuring they're free of contaminants. No heavy metals or pesticides reach our facility and all ingredients are further tested using GC analysis and refined via molecular distillation to guarantee the highest purity, and solvent-free to meet our quality standards as required by the strictest regulatory agencies throughout the industry. 

Functional Flavor and Aroma Formulations for More Favorable Outcomes

Step 3. Botanical Terpene Formulation

Based on the research done at our labs, we create a unique, highly complex, botanical and Non-Cannabis Derived Terpene formulation that resembles the original flowers aroma as close as possible. We then standardize and manufacturer the botanically-derived terpene flavor and aroma formulations (cannabis aromas) using only the highest quality isolates paired with the most advanced research to reproduce chemovar profiles that enhance the flavoring, aroma and functionality of consumer packaged goods including beer, food and beverage, vapes, cosmetics, aromatherapy, essential oils, health and wellness inspired by cannabis.  

Best-In-Class Process for Custom Products

Step 4. Product Development, Custom Formulations & Finished Goods

We help you continue to differentiate your brand and product line with new, consistent and scalable product experiences in a variety of applications and consumer packaged goods. Natural product formulations remain Abstrax Tech's core competency, supplemented by manufacturing of key ingredients (aroma, flavor, and terpene compounds). Custom terpene formulations can be chemovar specific, flavored, or mood oriented. These botanical formulations are non-cannabis derived and can be shipped worldwide. 

Terpene Applications Available 

-Oil Soluble Terpenes

-Water Soluble Terpenes 

-Powderized Terpenes 

Terpene Infused Finished Goods Available 

- Bulk/Retail Pre-Roll Blunt and Paper Cones 

- Retail ready Flat Blunts 

- Hand Sanitizer 

- Cosmetic formulations +custom aromas

- Tincture formulations 

- Aromatherapy Candles 

- Cannabis Essential Oils 

- Air Fresheners

- Vape & Ecig Formulations 

Custom Project Collaborations 

-Terpene Infused Beer and Alcohol 

-Terpene Infused food and beverages 

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