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What We Do

Here’s how we create our terp profiles.

1Cultivar Selection

We are extremely picky about the profiles we choose to recreate. Our team is always hunting for the most unique and flavorful cultivars rather than just the most trendy names.

The end consumer (your customer) is more likely to become a repeat-buyer of your products if their experience is exceptional. So our very first step is to make sure that we’re only choosing the best of the best.

2Advanced Analysis

This is the crucial step that separates Abstrax from every other terpene company. We analyze flower, rosin, and sauce for well over 400 compounds found in cannabis. Other terp companies test for, on average, only 30-40 compounds.

Why does that matter? Because you can’t formulate accurate profiles if you’re just guessing at the full ingredients of the original cannabis. We see 10x the amount of compounds and we use that data to craft the most faithful and authentic terpene profiles found anywhere.

3Terpene Sourcing and Refinement

We approach our raw material a bit differently. Instead of getting hung up on purity and percentages, we source and refine our isolated terpenes by how they smell and how they taste.

Just because something is over 99% pure it doesn’t mean that it tastes good or that it’s somehow a better product. The end consumer doesn’t care if your Valencene is 95% or 99% pure - they care about how it tastes, how it smells, and how it makes them feel. So we source and refine all of our raw material with flavor, aroma, and experience in mind.


Now we’ve arrived at the fun part.

So far we’ve found an exceptional cultivar, we’ve analyzed it more comprehensively than anyone else, and we’ve refined our terps for maximum flavor and aroma. Our team of expert flavor chemists gets to work formulating by using our advanced analytical data to recreate the original terpene profile of the source material.

Every single one of Abstrax’s products, from our Native Series to Cloudburst, is formulated entirely in-house. We’re not buying off-the-shelf flavor solutions like some of our competitors. Our products are created from scratch. Every. Single. Time.


Formulation is technical, but optimization is an art. Now that we’ve completed the technical rebuild of the terpene profile, we compare the taste and aroma back to the original cannabis material.

Is it an exact match? You’d be surprised. Even if we have a blend that matches 99.9% of the analytics, it could still feel like something is missing. So our flavor chemists do a direct 1-to-1 sensory comparison between the source material and the terpene blend. Then they tweak and optimize the formulation to achieve a faithful technical and artistic match of the original cannabis.

6Sensory Panel

Taste is subjective. What tastes great to Mac might not taste great to Dennis. We routinely conduct a Sensory Panel within Abstrax where R&D formulations are taste-tested and scored by a team.

This is the step where formulas go to die. Our Sensory Panel is ruthless and will only approve the truly incredible. Seriously, you should see how many formulas we have locked in our vault.

7The Drawing Board

For any formula that was deemed unworthy, our Sensory Panel provides notes and feedback for reformulation. Our flavor chemists will revert back to Step 4 and the process begins all over again.

We continue formulating, optimizing, and testing until we have approval from everyone involved. This rigorous system of checks and balances ensures that only the best products make it through to the finish line and into your hands.

8Safety Testing

Now that the formula is locked in, we submit the blend for QC/QA analysis where it’ll be thoroughly tested for everything from appearance and odor to residual solvents and pesticides. Every formula must meet the strict legal requirements set forward by each state and country.

Our team of QC/QA experts are best-in-class and ensure the highest levels of product safety while providing guidance to our customers as well as local, state, and federal governments.

9Opaque Packaging

It might seem like just a minor detail, but we’ve put a lot of thought into this step. Our Tech products go out in opaque black, white, or aluminum bottles. These prevent UV degradation which ensures that they stay fresh for longer.

Cobalt Blue, Clear, and Emerald Green glass bottles allow for light transmission which can pose a serious problem. Terps are sensitive and they don’t like UV light - so we keep them in the dark! We also top off every bottle with inert argon gas to displace the oxygen and lock in freshness during storage.

10Fast Shipping

It’s finally ready.

Our staff members are trained and certified DOT and IATA shippers. We pack and label every box in accordance with national and international shipping standards so that you receive your terps as quickly and smoothly as possible.

From our lab straight to your door.

How can Abstrax help my business succeed?

We create products not with our customers in mind, but with your customers at the forefront. If consumers aren’t thrilled with the experience of your products then we go out of business. It’s that simple.

So we offer several different product collections to fit the wants and desires of every consumer niche. It doesn’t matter if they’re the headiest stoner, the secret smoker, the soccer mom, or the retired couple - we have products to fit everybody.

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