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What are Terpenes?

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A Quick definition

Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons found in the essential oils of plants and more.

You can find terpenes for example in citrus fruit rinds, black pepper, and pine needles or pine tree sap.

We’ll use this for our example:
That sweet blueberry smell and taste of Blue Dream?
It’s the terpenes.

How terpenes affect your body and mood

Think of the essential oil market, why do people use essential oils? Because they affect their mood and feelings. Certain scents trigger certain feelings in our bodies.

For example, peppermint is awakening and uplifting, while linalool is calming and soothing.

are functional ingredients

Used in products to create a certain effect:





The Difference Between Cannabis vs. Botanical Derived Terpenes

The misconception of cannabis-derived terpenes

With its award-winning team and state-of-the-art lab, the company strives to set standards for brands seeking to add terpenes to their formulations, while exponentially adding value to their product offerings.

ABSTRAX has also made a commitment to, and large investment in, research and educating the public on the power of terpenes, while researching the safety of additives and ingredients commonly used within the industry. ABSTRAX has vowed to continue its extensive research to ensure that consumable products are as healthy, safe, and effective as possible.

The shared world of terpenes

ABSTRAX promises to exceed customer expectations and stay focused on its unwavering dedication to creating groundbreaking terpene compounds that have the power to exponentially add value to the brands they serve. Furthermore, the company promises to continually research ingredients to ensure they are pure and safe for human consumption.

How can you use Terpenes?

By adding terpenes, you can enhance the effect, flavor and scent of your products to differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition

Skincare and Cosmetics

Push your cosmetic line to the cutting edge of beauty enhancement with the addition of functional terpenes. The addition of terpenes to your topical naturally enhances absorption of other functional compounds.


Straight out the bottle or in your coffee, your tinctures don't have to be unpalatable. Our terpenes add fantastic flavor and unparalleled function.

Food and Beverages

Terpenes are the optimal, natural replacement for artificial flavoring. Add flavor, fragrance and function to your product without adding calories. The best ingredients are made by nature and perfected by science.

Custom Formulations

When you want something utterly original, custom formulations become our primary objective. Not all great flavors are found. Some are built from scratch. We’re here to help you design your unique selling proposition. We can create, replicate, mimic or emulate any flavor you can dream up.

What are the effects of terpenes?

By adding terpenes, you can enhance the effect, flavor and scent of your products to differentiate your brand and stand out from the competition

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