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Terpene mixing calculator

Find the right amount of terpenes and diluent to add to your products:

Abstrax Formula

Stable Extract + 5% Liquifyer
+ 8% Terpenes = Abstrax Gold

Sugested Cut (%)

0%, 5%, 15%, or 30%

Mixing Guide - Use the Calculator Below to Achieve Your Desired Result

How to determine your Terpene Mixing Ratios?

Not sure what percentage of terpenes and what percentage of liquefier to use in your end products? See overview below, choose your end product, and calculate the ratios based on the desired volume:

Vape Cartridges

Starting Point: 1g by volume and work up from there. Recommended at 5%

Example: 9g Distilate + 0.5g Terpenes + 0.5g Tec Temper


Starting Point: 0.5g by weight

Example: 2g of product, add 0.001g (approximately 1-2 drops without provide dropper.


Starting Point: Start with 0.1% and adjust accordingly

Example: To a 30mL tincture, add 0.003mL of a Terpene Blend


Starting Point: Depending on the edible, start with 0,25% by weight and adjust accordingly

Example: Hard candy batch weighing 14g, add 0.035g of Terpenes


Starting Point: 0.04% by weight

Example: 1 bottle of champagne, add 1-2 drops of your favorite water-soluble Terpene Blend


Starting Point: 1% Terpenes by weight

Example: 1 ounce of lotion (28g) add 0.28g of Terpenes

Download the Mixing Guides

Get inside the technical aspects for your perfect mixing

Terpene Mixing Guide for CBD Products

Terpene Mixing Guide for THC Products

Terpene Mixing Guide for Watersoluble Products

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