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Intro Terpene Kit

ABXSP0017A $99


This grouping highlights the frontrunning terpenes of cannabis. Empowered with these mainstays, all aficionados have the capacity to replicate any of the dominant flavoral effects of just about any strain. As an Intro Sample Kit, this cluster effectively covers all the essential taste baselines.


Product Details:

  • Names: Alpha-Pinene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Pinene, D-Limonene, Myrcene, Terpinolene
  • Solvent-Free: Yes
  • Food Grade: Yes
  • Fillers: None


Regulatory Forms:

Alpha-Pinene Safety Data Sheet

Beta-Caryophyllene Safety Data Sheet

Beta-Pinene Safety Data Sheet

D-Limonene Safety Data Sheet

Myrcene Safety Data Sheet

Terpinolene Safety Data Sheet

Alpha-Pinene PDS

Beta-Caryophyllene PDS

Beta-Pinene PDS

D-Limonene PDS

Myrcene PDS

Terpinolene PDS

Alpha-Pinene COA

Beta-Caryophyllene COA

Beta-Pinene COA

D-Limonene COA

Myrcene COA

Terpinolene COA