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Prepare Must-Have Cannabis Products for 420 with Terpenes

Celebrate 420 by crafting cannabis products with high-intensity flavors, earthy hemp aromatics, or just straight-up loud gas.

In just one month’s time, your customers will be lighting up, burning down, and making merry for 420. For anyone in the cannabis industry, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time for us to honor the history, progress, and pure artistry that is cannabis. That means you’ve got something really special to offer customers… right?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. It doesn’t matter whether you’re designing dabs, carts, beverages, or edibles, our botanically-derived terpenes can help differentiate your brand and product line with new, consistent, and scalable experiences. 

Plus, we’ve got aromas and flavors for EVERY product and every customer. From high-intensity flavors to deafeningly loud DANK, we’ve got all the terpenes you need to prepare must-have cannabis products for 420.

Cloudburst Botanical Terpene Blends | Abstrax Tech

Transcend Traditional 420 Products with Big BOLD Flavors

Imagine someone taking one hit, sip, or nibble of a product and immediately saying to a friend, “Hey, get over here. You HAVE to try this!”

Obviously, it doesn’t have to be 420 for you to want that response. But there’s no better time of year to craft products that astound tastebuds and get people hyped. Plus, you no longer have to reinvent the wheel to accomplish that.

The botanically derived blends in our Cloudburst Series were engineered to provide maximum high-intensity flavor. Our chemists faithfully recreated the sweetest, most in-demand fruit and dessert flavors and cranked up the intensity. 

Customers craving citrus? Infuse products with the sparkling citrus nostalgia from Cactus Quencher. Looking for smooth and rich? Peaches and Creme delivers ripe stone fruit with sweet, luscious cream. Want a flavor experience unlike anything else? Add tropical vibes and a blast of blizzard-like chill with blends like Lunar Lychee Ice or Midnight Mango Ice.

Terplandia Hemp-Derived Terpene Profiles | Abstrax Tech

Design 420 Products That Meet the HEMP Hype

Over the past year, we’ve been on a mission to give hemp's deep, earthy aromatics the acclaim they deserve. So, if you’re only familiar with the hemp that smells predominantly of grass and hay, prepare to be blown away.

For over six years, Terplandia has intentionally bred hemp cultivars for maximum aroma and flavor yield. Hemp terps are then immediately extracted from live flower within minutes of harvest to authentically capture these plants' beautiful aromatics. 

This kind of dedication and expertise is a testament to what the cannabis and hemp industries can and SHOULD be doing… but they also just lead to seriously complex aromas that’ll keep you (and your customers!) coming back for more.

We highly recommend getting your hands on our 2023 Strain of the Year, Durban Lemonade. That’s right. This hemp-derived profile was so exquisite that it beat out iconic cannabis cultivars. It’s an exotic combination of hazy citrus, pine, delicate wood, and herbal spice. Want a sweeter take on this earthy plant? Frosted Grapes perfectly balances slightly funky, sweet notes with spicy hemp.

This is hemp as it’s never been experienced before.

Native Series Botanical Terpene Profiles | Abstrax Tech

It’s Not 420 Without DANK Cannabis Products

You didn’t seriously think we were going to talk about 420 without mentioning those loud, gassy, DANK cannabis aromas… did you? 

Of course not! Our Native Series collection has all the true-to-type terpene profiles you and your customers are just itching to get your hands on, from iconic Blue Dream to the straight gas of King Louie XIII. We’ve even got flowery Rainbow Belt, heady Super Lemon Haze, and so much more.

Speaking of MORE, we now have an entirely new level of dank you can’t get anywhere else. Our latest discoveries have uncovered that terpenes are NOT responsible for the unique and diverse flavors of cannabis. This honor goes to a category of compounds called flavorants. 

The Science of Exotics: The Dawn of Flavorants | White Paper | Abstrax Tech

 Honestly, there’s a LOT more to it than that, so be sure to dig into our White Papers for all the details. The bottom line is that we’re entering the next era of botanical aromatics, and you don’t want to get left behind.

The Science of Exotic: The Curious Case of Chem | White Paper | Abstrax Tech

 Flavorants Skatole and Indole heighten the notoriously savory and funky notes of GMO for an undeniably loud, gassy aroma. Tropicannasulfurs help craft the breathtaking melody of Tangie-forward citrus in Orange Apricot. Seriously, this is just the beginning.The Science of Exotic: The Trio of Tropicanna | White Paper | Abstrax Tech

Celebrate 420 with Innovative Product Formulations

Want to create something entirely new? Mix any of our Native Series, Terplandia, or Cloudburst products for an aroma and flavor experience your customers won’t find anywhere else. 

Add seriously earthy hemp notes to iconic cannabis cultivars, set fruit-forward flavors to maximum on the loudest profiles, or combine all three for something truly mind-melting.


Contact us today, and let’s celebrate 420 with the most innovative product formulations the industry has ever seen.

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the conditions and possible uses of the product conform to local laws and regulations where they operate.

Get 420 Ready with High-Intensity, Hemp-Derived, and/or LOUD Terpenes

Take a hit of sparkling citrus nostalgia with Cactus Quencher. Blinding rays of tropical pineapple and lush orange fuse together for a syrupy flavor that’ll catapult your taste buds on an exhilarating desert adventure.

While you won’t find lychees on the moon, Lunar Lychee Ice captures the cold beauty of that heavenly body and fuses it with sweet floral fruit. Enjoy the frigid exhale after each burst of tropical lychee for a damn near extraterrestrial experience.

Durban Lemonade delivers everything its name promises. Hazy citrus and pine swirl together with delicate wood and herbal spice for an exotic hemp aroma that’s exceptionally fresh and bright.

Grapes have never been so chill. Slightly funky and delicately sweet, Frosted Grapes is the sublime combination of dark berries and spicy hemp. Leave your worries behind and slip into a serene state of mind.

As the first to benefit from our breakthrough discovery, GMO is kicking off the next era of botanical aromatics. Flavorants Skatole and Indole multiply its notoriously savory and funky notes for a loud, gassy, and undeniably pungent finish.

Revel in the next evolution of botanical aromatics with bright petroleum-fueled Orange Apricot. Tropicannasulfurs create an exhilarating medley of Tangie-forward citrus with deafeningly loud notes of sweet gas. Welcome to the future.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Indeed, this monarch carries the traditional OG impact concentrated in a pleasantly cranial direction. This profile is just straight gas. If you want to get loud, look no further. The king is here.

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