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Our Research

Pioneering the research of cannabis flavor and aroma.

When you think Abstrax, think cannabis science.

We perform peer-reviewed research in partnership with universities and industry-leaders like Mario Guzman of Sherbinskis, Josh D of OG Kush fame, and the Herer Group. Below you’ll find our growing list of case studies, white papers, patents, programs, and collaborations.

Case Studies

The Science of Dank

Discovery of New Cannasulfur Compounds

We have all smelt it – that distinctive, gassy, or skunk-like scent of cannabis. But what exactly is that smell? Researchers at Abstrax Tech, in collaboration with some of the top cultivators in…


The Lost Terpene

Detection of ß-Phellandrene in Jack Herer

Our analysis using 2-dimensional gas chromatography of this cultivar reveals high levels of Terpinolene such as seen in other sativas. However, it also possesses a more unique and…


The Case for Light Hydrocarbons in Modern Cannabis Extraction

Organic Solvent Cannabis Extraction

Ultimately, Koby’s case study convinced Canadian legislators that maintaining this extraction method in the legal cannabis landscape improves safety measures for all…


Resin, Rosin, or Flower?

An Investigation of the Aroma Profiles of Cannabis Products

To understand the differences between different cannabis products, we conducted a study aimed at determining how the aroma and flavor profiles of the cultivar Tropaya changes using 2D gas…


Quantified Mood Impressions of Abstrax AI Terp Effects Blends

A Cannabis Industry Milestone

Abstrax Tech and The Effects Lab by Budboard have teamed up with Dr. Avery Gilbert and sensory consulting firm Synesthetics, Inc. to produce the first sensory evaluation of cannabis…


Abstrax Patents

Sulfur-Containing Volatile Organic Compounds in Cannabis

Publication Date: August 19th, 2021

We patented the usage of cannasulfurs (read our discovery here) in botanically-derived formulations and additions for a variety of product applications including edibles, aerosols, flavors, fragrances, and inhaleables.

White Papers

The Signature Series: The Original Jack Herer

The Cannabis Industry Has A Serious Problem

It all starts with authenticity. If every terpene company is selling the same cultivars and the formulas are all wildly different, then which one is the closest to the real authentic cannabis? We analyzed the Original Jack Herer flower and compared it to popular Jack Herer terpene blends on the market today.

Legalizing BHO in Canada

Abstrax Convinces Legislators to Maintain Hydrocarbon Extraction

In an effort to prevent the passage of legislature outlawing hydrocarbon extraction, Kevin Koby, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Abstrax, took the opportunity to educate the Canadian government. Ultimately, Koby’s case study convinced legislators that maintaining this extraction method in the legal cannabis landscape improves safety measures for all.

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