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Terpene Pairing Guide | Hemp and Botanical Terpenes

Master the art of terpene pairing with the HDT+BDT Mixing Guide

Do your customers want something… different? What if you could offer them an aroma or flavor they’ve never experienced before and that they’ll never find anywhere else? That’s why the art of terpene pairing is so important. 

Combining different terpene blends and profiles opens up an entirely new world of possibilities. Today, we’re specifically talking about pairing hemp-derived terpenes (HDTs) with botanically-derived terpenes (BDTs).

Unlike cannabis, which has been selectively bred for flavor and aroma for decades, hemp has only recently started being bred for its aromatics. So, while you may be familiar with hemp’s dank, earthy base notes, today, hemp has sophisticated nuances that deserve just as much recognition as cannabis aromatics.

Learn about the subtle (or not-so-subtle) art of terpene pairing, get creative with our HDT + BDT Mixing Guide, and enjoy six of our favorite hemp-derived terpene pairings.


Abstrax Tech Terpene Pairing Tips

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder—that just sounds better than in the nostrils of the smeller—we’ve found a few time-tested guidelines when it comes to pairing terpenes.

Sure, there are a LOT of pairing options, and we encourage you to get creative! If you’re just starting out, though, you can’t go wrong with these.

  • For Hazes, Jacks, and Durbans, we highly recommend pairing them with other blends and profiles containing citrus, pineapple, and/or green apples.

  • Cakes, Glues, and Mintz can be flexible, but we don’t recommend citrus pairings since they tend to get lost in the heavy base notes of these profiles.

  • Savory exotics are often VERY versatile. We’re talking about OGs, Kushs, GMO, etc. Tropicals pop extremely well in OGs and Kushs, and something like mango with GMO is almost always a guaranteed winner.

  • For Fruity exotics, lean into aromatic notes that are already there or something that you think would pair well based on existing fruit combinations.

Hemp-Derived Sapphire Kush Diesel

If you’re looking for a balanced hemp profile that elegantly blends earthy hemp, musk, florals, and a hint of citrus, look no further. Sapphire Kush Diesel has all the refined complexity of a beautiful bottle of wine, and it easily disproves the idea that hemp is harsh and heavy. 

If you’re looking to keep things floral and lively, we think you’ll enjoy pairing this hemp profile with our Sundrenched Moscato. The soft florals and burst of sweet berries in this high-intensity Cloudburst blend will create a harmonious pairing that’s exotic, velvety, and oh-so-fresh.

For those who want to embrace the heavier notes of its lineage, pairing Sapphire Kush Diesel with Dynasty OG from our Native Series is a no-brainer. It’s dank and gassy, with powerful notes of pine, citrus, and earth. The combination of these two profiles is going to be authoritative and supremely relaxing.

Hemp-Derived Durban Lemonade

As the winner of our 2023 Strain of the Year award, we’re clearly pretty obsessed with this hemp profile. Durban Lemonade is exquisitely hazy and exotic. It gracefully swirls together citrus and pine with delicate wood and herbal spice for an aroma that’s bright and exceptionally fresh. Honestly, it’s a masterpiece all on its own, but the right pairing can take it to the next level.

The most obvious pairing is botanically-derived Durban Poison. While the combination feels less hazy, the pine and citrus notes they share create an aromatic bridge that allows for a satisfyingly dank experience.

Want to take a hard left turn? Lime Lightning will turn up the voltage on those delicate citrus notes. Plus, with that hint of bitterness limes are known for, this Cloudburst blend plays beautifully alongside aromatic notes of wood and herbal spice. 

Hemp-Derived Double Bubble

This is another deceptively sophisticated hemp profile. Instead of the sickly sweet stereotypes of its namesake, Double Bubble masterfully combines elements of honeyed fruit, heady pine, and citrus. The woody turpentine base grounds the senses and creates a cohesive aroma that is truly unexpected.

We highly recommend pairing this profile with White RNTZ. Yes, they both have candy-inspired names, but this pairing is about so much more than that. They both have elements of citrus and earth, but the creaminess of this profile will elevate Double Bubble into the realm of high-end desserts.

If fine-dining aromatics aren’t your thing, Peach Rings will give Double Bubble that candy-like goodness. Yes, they both have elements of citrus. However, it’s the contrast between Double Bubble’s turpentine base and Peach Rings’ hyper-sweet juicy stone fruit that makes for an eye-widening pairing you’ll come back to again and again.

Hemp-Derived Desserts

Desserts is unlike any other hemp-derived profile. It’s deliciously dank, satisfyingly spicy, and indulgently sweet. Don’t get us wrong, it still has those complex notes of earthy hemp. However, this profile positively sings with pairing opportunities.

If you want to keep things sophisticated, pairing Creme Brulee with Desserts just makes sense. A complex cross between OG Kush, Platinum Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies, Creme Brulee brings an entirely new level of dank to this hemp profile along with creamy notes of vanilla and nuts. 

Want to smooth out those earthy notes for an even more indulgent aroma? Coconut Cream brings a richness reminiscent of ripe coconut flesh. Just imagine the way these warm, nutty notes will bloom alongside the spicy, dank sweetness of Desserts.

Hemp-Derived Legendary Platinum OG

Looking for an aroma that’s somehow both peaceful and energizing? Satisfy your cravings with Legendary Platinum OG. Take in an invigorating breath of floral citrus and fresh green herbs, and ground your senses with earthy hemp. Honestly, just writing about it has us relaxing our shoulders.

While our Cloudburst blends aren’t necessarily known for their subtlety, we think Cantaloupe Crush adds the right amount of sweetness without overpowering the gentle florals of Legendary Platinum. Imagine all the beauty of this hemp-derived profile with an added dose of fresh, juicy melon flavor. 

For something that could NEVER be described as subtle, consider a pairing with Orange Apricot. This petroleum-fueled profile is infused with tropicannasulfurs for the ultimate tangie-forward experience. This will magnify citrus elements and infuse Legendary Platinum with deafeningly loud notes of sweet gas.

Hemp-Derived Cherry Lemon Cake

Hailing from cultivars Enemy of the State and Girl Scout Cookies, it’s no surprise that our Cherry Lemon Cake is a hemp-fueled delicacy. Just a hint of citrus gives understated levels of spice and sugar a subtle lift for a refreshing, earthy experience.

Surprising no one, we immediately reached for decadent Lemon Cherry Gelato to pair with this hemp profile. Can you blame us? It may share fruit-forward aromas with Cherry Lemon Cake, but the level of dank indulgence it brings is next-level.

If you want to ditch phrases like “gentle” or “not too sweet,” then you’ll love Crimson Toro. You’d think combining the high-velocity tartness of pomegranate and cranberry with something so delicate would be a catastrophe, but it creates a shocking depth of flavor your customers will crave over and over again.

Pair Terpenes with Confidence Using the HDT+BDT Mixing Guide

Want to test out some of these pairings for yourself? Are you brimming with your own terpene pairing ideas? Then you’re going to want to get the math right. 

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Take out all the guesswork and use our HDT + BDT Mixing Guide for perfectly balanced terpene ratios.


Have questions? Want expert guidance on product formulations? Contact us today, and let’s get started.

Hemp-Derived Terpene Profiles

In place of in-your-face fuel, Sapphire Kush Diesel reigns with balance and finesse. Refined base notes of earthy hemp and musk create a sense of peace, while a sweet floral melody and a lively spritz of citrus inspire devotion.

Durban Lemonade delivers everything its name promises. Hazy citrus and pine swirl together with delicate wood and herbal spice for an exotic hemp aroma that’s exceptionally fresh and bright.

Double Bubble ditches sickly sweet stereotypes with a sophisticated take on candy. Exotic notes of honeyed fruit weave together heady pine and citrus, while a woody turpentine base inspires delicious relaxation.

Delectably dank and spicy, Desserts serves up all the indulgently sweet aromas of its namesake. Relaxing notes of earthy hemp infuse this confection with a level of sophistication that’s difficult to attain and even harder to resist.

Legendary Platinum OG is a lesson in mindfulness. Inhale to ground your senses with earthy hemp. Then relax your shoulders and enjoy the playful way notes of floral citrus elevate fresh green herbs. Slowly exhale. Repeat.

Cherry Lemon Cake is the hemp-fueled delicacy of your dreams. Gently spiced and not too sweet, a subtle lift of citrus transforms this earthy confection into a rich tapestry of aromas that should be enjoyed as often as possible.

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