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Discover Which Terpene Blends Enhance Sleep Products

When consumers need help falling asleep, they’ll only purchase products that work. Read on and discover which terpene blends can help enhance your sleep products.

For something so important to our overall wellness, most of us have had difficulty falling or staying asleep at one point or another. It only becomes more frustrating when sleep-aids don’t work. This means trying one product after another until you find the one that finally DOES work. 

When it comes to your products, you don’t just want consumers to try them. You want a dedicated group of customers that find relief through your products and who sing your praises. In order to do that, however, your products have to be more effective than your competitor’s. That’s why many are now adding terpenes to their sleep-aids. Read on and discover which terpene blends enhance sleep products.

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Discover Which Terpene Blends Enhance Sleep Products

Anxious for those sleep-enhancing terpene blends? We can’t blame you. Here’s the short version of what we’ll be covering today.

  • Terpenes are the natural hydrocarbons produced by most plants that dictate their unique scent and flavors. They also happen to have a variety of effects that can enhance the effectiveness of sleep-aids.
  • Lavender Vanilla can promote mental sedation and muscle relaxation.
  • For those with stress-related sleep issues, Northern Lights provides euphoric effects that create the safe, positive mentality necessary for sleep.
  • The sedative, analgesic properties of Coma are perfect for tuning out distractions and focusing on sleep.
  • On top of smelling mouthwatering, the effects of Purple Punch start in the head (calming, uplifting) and migrate to the body with noticeable body relaxation. 
  • For days when you need something extra, Master Kush will put consumers in a comforting fog of serenity with palpable muscle relaxation.

How Do Terpenes Enhance Sleep Products?

Terpenes, the natural hydrocarbons that give most plants their unique scent and flavor, have a variety of different effects. Some can help reduce inflammation, elevate our moods, energize us, and some can even help promote better sleep. 

However, in order to understand how terpenes enhance the effectiveness of sleep-aids, we need to understand why people have trouble sleeping. For a lot of people, poor sleeping habits are the culprit. That might mean having caffeine too late in the day, scrolling through your phone in bed, or just maintaining an irregular sleep schedule.

For others, stress and anxiety can lead to racing thoughts. Sometimes chronic pain and inflammation just make it hard to get comfortable. Whatever the case, if sleep is the goal then the key seems to be quieting the mind and calming the body. That way, it’s easier for people to put their phones away, relax, and feel comfortable enough for a restful night’s sleep. 

Terpenes can help in all of these areas. Certain terpenes, like Myrcene, have powerful sedative effects. In a study on mice, myrcene was able to increase sleep duration by roughly 2.6 times. Beta-Caryophyllene can help reduce pain related to the nervous system and it’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Basically, terpenes have different effects that can enhance sleep-aids and promote quality rest.

Plus, you can use terpenes in a variety of different products. Here are several different categories of sleep-aid products that could benefit from terpenes…

  • Aromatherapy (candles, oils, pillow/room sprays, etc.)
  • Topicals (lotions, muscle rubs, etc.)
  • Supplements (Powders, capsules, etc.)
  • Beverages (Teas, carbonated water, etc.)

What gives terpenes even more potential, is the ability to combine them in unique ways. Not only could you create your own custom formulation, but you can also choose from hundreds of terpene blends your consumers are already familiar with. Below are several of our favorite terpene blends that help relax, calm, and basically help consumers catch plenty of Zs. 

Lavender Vanilla Terpene Blend - Abstrax Tech

Try Lavender Vanilla For Less Stress and Anxiety

There’s just something about the scent of lavender vanilla that helps you forget your worries. The floral, herbal scent of lavender makes you want to lay your head down and relax your body, while vanilla’s smooth, sweet aroma melts away stress. Well, surprise surprise, you have terpenes to thank for those effects. While you can absolutely use this blend for all-day stress relief, when combined with other compounds in sleep-aids, this blend relaxes both the body and the mind. 

Linalool, the dominant terpene in this blend, is one of the most helpful terpenes for sleep-aids. Not only is it an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but its anxiolytic properties also help reduce stress while its sedative properties promote higher quality sleep. Plus, the other terpenes in this blend (beta-caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, etc.) contribute to the mind and body relaxation this blend is known for. 

Northern Lights Terpene Blend - Abstrax Tech

Northern Lights Helps Relax Your Body with Euphoric Effects

If this blend has you thinking of the cannabis strain called Northern Lights, you’re absolutely right! However, you don’t have to worry about potentially adding any psychoactive compounds to your products since our terpenes are cannabis-free and 100% legal. However, we do work very hard to isolate the specific terpene profiles of popular strains so both cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers can enjoy and benefit from them.

That means your customers can benefit from the intense effects of Northern Lights. The dominant terpene in this blend, terpinolene, is normally found in much smaller amounts. However, strains like Ghost Train Haze and XJ-13 that have lots of terpinolene are powerful and intense--and Northern Lights is no different.

Many lovers of this strain choose it to help with insomnia, so it only makes sense that its terpene blend has some powerful sleep-enhancing properties. Terpinolene has sedative properties, and its other terpenes (Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, etc.) contribute to the euphoric body relaxation that this strain is known for. 

Coma Terpene Blend - Abstrax Tech

Coma Helps Quiet Distractions So You Can Focus on Rest

Whether it’s racing thoughts, endless work emails, or the latest Netflix series, distractions can make it hard to wind down and prepare for sleep. That’s where this terpene blend really shines. More subtle than Northern Lights but more heavy-handed than Lavender Vanilla, Coma smoothly helps your distractions fall away so you can focus on rest. 

Terpenes like Beta-Caryophyllene and Myrcene promote sedative, analgesic properties, while Alpha-Humulene soothes aches and pains associated with inflammation, and limonene elevates your mood. Basically, Coma is a phenomenal blend if you need to forget distracting stressors and gently fall asleep. 

Purple Punch Terpene Blend - Abstrax Tech

Purple Punch Promotes Sweet Dreams and Sedation

Not only is Purple Punch insanely flavorful, but it also manages to be uplifting and calming all at the same time. Its effects start out in the head (calming, uplifting, etc.) and then slowly migrate to the rest of the body for muscle relaxation and sedation. 

Limonene and Myrcene give this blend a sweet, fruit-forward flavor and a healthy dose of positive mood elevation and relaxation. That’s when terpenes like Beta-Caryophyllene and Linalool kick in with soothing, pain-relieving effects. Purple Punch will have you gratefully pulling the covers up and switching off the light. 

Master Kush Terpene Blend - Abstrax Tech

Try Master Kush For Feelings of Serenity and Relaxation

Upon first sniff, its scent may be brisk (thank you alpha-pinene). However, over time, Master Kush will put consumers in a comforting fog of serenity with palpable body relaxation. 

Myrcene, this blend’s most dominant terpene, is known for its powerful sedative effects. Alpha-pinene, however, is the surprise isolate that gives this blend a unique twist. While it’s normally associated with energizing, focus-enhancing effects, alpha-pinene’s anti-inflammatory properties are one of the reasons why Master Kush is so helpful for those with mild aches and pains. Beta-Pinene provides a refreshing cooling sensation along with mild pain-relieving and stress-reducing properties. 

Fall Asleep Faster with Terpene-Infused Sleep-Aids

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the blends that can help promote a good night’s rest. These are just some of our all-time favorites. We love discovering new terpenes and experimenting with different blends for different effects. So, if you have a new product that could benefit from the addition of terpenes, we’d love to talk to you about your options. 

If you’re interested in creating consistent flavors, aromas, and effects in your products, then consider adding terpenes to your products today. Feel free to contact us for exclusive terpene formulations and don’t forget to follow us for all the latest updates.

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