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Why Add Hemp-Derived Terpenes to Distillate?

Hemp-derived terpenes are the next big trend in terpene-infused distillate.

It’s not news that distillate is perfect for dabs, carts, and as an ingredient in various other products. Manufacturers love distillate because it’s versatile and relatively easy to scale, and consumers love it because it’s an ultra-refined concentrate that’s highly potent. So, how do you get your distillate to stand out amongst so much competition?

Considering how the distillation process removes the majority of natural terpenes from the final product, we like to think of distillate as a blank canvas full of opportunities for innovation. The next big innovation? Hemp-derived terpenes (HDTs).

Adding terpenes to distillate gives you control over the consumer experience, from aroma and flavor to unique sensorial effects. But what makes HDTs different than other terpenes? 

Discover why you should add hemp-derived terpenes to distillate, plus how to get creative with different terpene profiles and blends for novel combinations that consumers can’t get anywhere else.

What Are Hemp-Derived Terpenes?

There have been some issues in the industry regarding language standardization (they’re sometimes referred to as live resin terpenes, which is a bit misleading), but hemp-derived terpenes are exactly what they sound like. They’re terpenes that have been extracted from hemp.

However, it’s important to make sure that any hemp-derived terps you infuse your distillate with are of the highest quality. Remember when we mentioned how the process of creating distillate actually destroys most of the natural terpenes? Yeah, that’s because terpenes are incredibly sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that it’s important to harvest fresh hemp flower as soon as possible.

When you’re out in the field smelling the fresh flower, what you’re actually smelling are the terpenes evaporating. Plus, once the stalks are cut and the hemp is harvested, the plant loses any ability to produce more terpenes. That means you’re on the clock to extract those delicate flavor and aroma compounds before they float away into the air. 

Pssst! That’s why our HDTs are distilled from FRESH (never frozen) live flower within thirty minutes of harvest

Terplandia | Hemp-Derived Terpenes | Abstrax Tech

Why Should You Add Hemp-Derived Terpenes to Distillate?

The most obvious answer is to infuse your distillate with all the flavor and aromatic goodness of dank, earthy hemp. In reality, it’s a bit more involved than that. Yes, a terpene-infused distillate will have more flavor and aroma, but it’s also about creating a product that provides specific effects that consumers love.

You’re probably already familiar with the Entourage Effect, and that’s exactly what we’re going for. Since our HDTs contain complex terpene profiles as well as things like flavonoids, esters, ketones, thiols, and aldehydes, infusing them into distillate re-creates that full-spectrum of compounds.

For example, using Green Crack HDTs in a distillate will not only infuse it with a bright combo of citrus, pine, and earthy wood, but it also promotes peaceful relaxation. Without the addition of terpenes, psychoactive cannabinoids can only get you high. It’s terpenes that dictate the specific sensorial effects.

Native Series Terpene Profiles | Abstrax Tech

Get Creative Adding Hemp-Derived Terpenes to Distillate

Once you’ve got your distillate, mixing terpenes with oil is surprisingly easy. That being said, our terpene profiles and blends are highly concentrated and should only be handled by trained professionals with formulation experience in a licensed facility that is properly equipped for this type of work. 

For specific tools and SOPs, contact us and request our "Ultimate Terpene Mixing Guide"

One of the things we’re really excited about is how YOU will get creative with hemp-derived terpenes. We won’t lie, we think their aromas and flavors are amazing just the way we created them. If you want to put your own unique spin on them, though, you’ve got endless possibilities.

First, it’s important to understand that our HDTs are botanically-derived. So are the profiles and blends from our Native Series and Cloudburst Series. That means you could technically add any of these terps to both cannabis and non-cannabis products without any legal hurdles. Sweet, right? Speaking of our other products… you can combine different terpene profiles and/or blends to create entirely new aromas, flavors, and effects. 

Terplandia + Native Series

Hemp-derived terpenes bring deep, earthy base notes. However, they don’t always contain the full gassy, skunkyness that you’d expect from cannabis-derived terpenes. Fortunately, that’s what our Native Series does best!

To get those dank cannasulfur compounds in your distillate, we highly recommend combining HDTs with some of our gassier Native Series profiles. For example, consider combining the dank, woody aromas of King Louie XIII Native Series with the dank, spicy aroma of Desserts Terplandia. Not only will this double down on their relaxation effects, but the aromas will gain new depth and complexity.

Terplandia + Cloudburst Series

For a distillate that combines high-intensity fruity/dessert flavors with the dank, earthy base notes of hemp-derived terpenes, look no further than the Cloudburst Series.

A combination of sweet and spicy could create a distillate that consumers just can’t get enough of. We’re thinking spicy Sour Lifter Terplandia and the sweet, citrus of Orange Tsunami Cloudburst will play off of each other beautifully while promoting cerebral stimulation and excitement.

Terplandia + Native Series + Cloudburst Series

Did your head just explode? We get it, this is a lot of flavor and aroma. But that’s the whole point! You can create something entirely unique, and we’ve got all of the terpenes and resources to help you get started. 

Want specific ratios for infusing distillate with various terpenes? Contact us and request our guide on "How to Combine HDT with BDT"

Cloudburst Terpene Blends | Abstrax Tech

Add Hemp-Derived Terpenes to Distillate with Abstrax Tech

Whether you’re looking to completely infuse your products with the flavor and aroma of hemp or if you’re looking to blend HDTs with BDTs to create something brand new, our Terplandia profiles are a great way to add authenticity. Add a little (or a lot) to gain authentic flavor and aroma, regain the Entourage Effect, and create both classic and entirely new sensorial effects.

Ready to infuse your distillate with terpenes? Contact us and let’s get started today.

Hemp-Derived Terpene Profiles

A stereotypically stimulating sativa with surprisingly sedative side effects, Green Crack sneaks up on you. The bright combo of citrus and pine acts as a diversion while earthy wood slips in a dose of peaceful relaxation.

Delectably dank and spicy, Desserts serves up all the indulgently sweet aromas of its namesake. Relaxing notes of earthy hemp infuse this confection with a level of sophistication that’s difficult to attain and even harder to resist.

The name says it all. Sour Lifter combines the best of sour and spicy for the perfect mental lift. Funky notes of fuel, satisfying citrus, and grounding elements of earthy hemp will elevate your mind with sweet stimulation.

With parents Blueberry and Haze, it’s no wonder Blue Dream inspires such a devoted following. Invigorating notes of pine and delicate berries gain new depth with a base of herbaceous earthy hemp.

The bass on this blend requires an entirely new sound system. A whisper of citrus cuts through heavy earthy elements, but a distinct haze feel gives Grape Soda an effervescence that’s perfectly balanced by syrupy berries and heady notes of pine.

Pleasant notes of earth and spice have a grounding effect, while a hazy melody of pine and citrus lure your senses into the stars. Maybe it didn’t travel across the galaxy, but Strawberry Alien Kush will leave you feeling spacey.

If you thought this train would take you home, you’re mistaken. Hazy clouds of citrus and pine envelop your senses in a stimulating rush while rumbling base notes of hemp fuel a sense of chaotic Energized. There’s no stopping this Trainwreck.

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