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Here you’ll find all of our regulatory docs and certificates.

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Abstrax products are designed to be of the highest quality, safe for their intended use (including inhalation or ingestion,) and will meet or exceed applicable regulatory criteria.

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Compliance Packet

Here’s a downloadable compliance packet of our certificates, specifications, self-audit form, and more.

Abstrax Compliance

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  • What’s the difference between a profile and a blend?

    A profile relates specifically to the ratio of terpenes and aromatic compounds found within a specific cannabis strain/chemovar. An important distinction: a profile does not mean a strain/chemovar, rather it’s what aromatic compounds that strain/chemovar contains.

    For example: Blue Dream is not a terpene profile. Blue Dream, the cannabis strain, is made up of terpenes and other aromatic compounds and that’s what the terpene profile specifically relates to. That profile is what makes Blue Dream Blue Dream. Our Signature Series, Native Series, and Premium Strain Profiles are all examples of Profiles because we have profiled the cannabis strain.

    Blends are man-made creations usually involving several terpenes and aromatic compounds. Whereas terpene profiles are an analysis, and sometimes a recreation, of the exact compounds found within a specific strain, blends are the result of blending individual terpenes together to create a desired output. Sometimes it’s to recreate a terpene strain profile, other times it's to create something entirely new. So in this sense, a blend is sometimes representative of a terpene profile, but not always. It is preferred to use the term “profile” when referring to a particular strain as it is more precise.

    Our Signature Series, Native Series, and Premium Strain Profiles are all examples of terpene profiles. The Cloudburst Series and Entourage Series are examples of flavored terpene blends.

  • Why does Abstrax sell terpenes by the gram/kilogram rather than milliliter/gallon?

    Mixing instructions measure substances by the gram, not the liter. Unfortunately, it’s pretty common to omit density changes when calculating percentages. Density is how compact something is (mass) relative to how much space it takes up (volume). It’s expressed as g/mL.

    If you’re measuring water, then 1 mL is the same as 1 gram - but we’re measuring terpenes, not water. Terpenes are 0.865 g/mL relative to water’s 1 g/mL. So, if you’re buying 1 gallon (3785 milliliters) of terpenes, you are not getting 3785 grams of terpenes, you are getting 3274 grams, 511 less than a direct conversion.

    You can see where this could start to get confusing. We try to make it simple so you’ll find both units of measurement on our bottles, but we prioritize our products by grams so that you get exactly what you need. This actually means that you get more terpenes from us than from our competitors. Our 5g size gets you 5.8mL of terpenes, for example.

  • I received my products. Why are the bottles only half full?

    We package our products according to federal DOT and IATA specifications to ensure that they’re in compliance with federal regulation.

    This means that we have to include adequate “headspace” within the bottle. Anyone who’s ever had their ears pop on an airplane knows that the pressure will change when you travel. Our terpenes are extremely concentrated and there can be a danger when they’re shipped improperly. We’d really prefer to avoid those issues so we strictly follow federal regulations in the name of overall safety.

    Rest assured - even though the bottle is half full, you still have the correct amount listed on the label.

  • Do terpenes have to be diluted prior to use?

    Oh yeah, absolutely. Our products are highly concentrated food grade terpenes and flavors for manufacturer use only. Do NOT directly ingest, inhale, or touch the terps with bare skin prior to dilution.

  • Do you offer mixing and usage directions?

    Sure do. Click here to review our Mixing Guide/Calculator.