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Revolutionize Your Self-Care Products With Terpenes

Hi Pharmco Customers, did you know that adding terpenes to self-care products enhances their effects and creates unique sensorial experiences? These plant-powered ingredients add powerful and consistent anti-aging, antioxidant, and even hydrate effects that consumers will love. But that's not all...

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How Do the terpenes transform your personal care products

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CBD personal care products are trending for good reason, but the natural terpenes presents in plant matter are often lost during extraction. That's why infusion your formulas with extra terpenes is important. Adding terpenes to self-care products enhances effects and increases CBD absorption for maximum potency.

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The top 6 terpenes every self-care brand needs


Common in citrus fruits, this mouthwatering terpene can act as a "penetration enhancer" to promote product absorption. Plus, its mood-boosting properties help lessen anxiety for a sunnier attitude.

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This Lavender-Like terpene is the chill-pill you've been waiting for. Consumers will benefit from Linalool's soothing effects, and it's sedative qualities have already made it a popular addition to aromatherapy products.

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Chamomile tea gets its comforting rep from this sweet, gentle, terpene. Plus, its soothing properties extend beyond the mind to provide powerful relief for stressed-out skin.

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Breakouts beware! Tea-tree oil get its powerful antibacterial qualities from this terpene (specifically the isomer Terpinen-4-ol). Found in pine-trees and cajuput, Terpineol's aroma is complex and perfect for products designed to combat acne.

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It may be found in delicate plants like jasmine, lemongrass, and lavender, but don't be fooled. Nerolidol deals with bacteria, fungi, parasites and even head lice like a trained assassin.

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Need a feminine touch? Checkout rosy Geraniol. Found in geranium, wine, grapes and roses, this delicate terpene provides a boost of antioxidants to combat free radical damage and premature sings of aging.

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Infuse personal care products with terpenes to make them stand out

Choose abstrax for high-quality terpenes


Quality control ensures consistent flavor and aroma for our terpenes and your products.


Terpenes work seamlessly with different cannabinoids to optimize active ingredients.

Maximum Effects

Promotes synergy with other ingredients for enhanced effectiveness.

Natural Botanical

Our terpenes are botanically sourced for authentic, natural flavors and aromas.

Customer Experience

Sensational terpene blends promote memorable experiences that customers crave.

Ultra Pure

We don't use any solvents to ensure the highest possible purity of our terpene.

Full Control

Regain control of products with accurate terpene matching and functional effects.

Improve Scent

Craft a signature scent for your products that customers will enjoy every day.


Add terpenes for therapeutic benefits and harness the power of the Entourage Effect.