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Cloudburst Series Sample Kit

Regulatory Info

$ 20

Makes about 240 one-gram carts.1

1. Our assumption is based on a 5% usage rate of terpenes within a one-gram cart filled with THC distillate. This is an average percentage of terpenes. Your results may vary.

Flavor, flavor, and more flavor.

Our Cloudburst Series takes traditional terpene flavoring and blows it out of the stratosphere.

No other functional flavor product comes even close to matching Cloudburst’s intensity. Perfect for consumers who demand an explosion of flavor that hits and lasts - all while maintaining the function of traditional terpene flavoring.

Formulated In-House

Maximum Intensity

Terpene Based


Cloudburst Series Sample Kit

Sample Kit Contents

Classic Glazed Donut

Peaceful Relaxed Bakery Vanilla

While it might smell like it, you haven’t actually wandered into your local donut shop. Classic Glazed Donut perfectly captures the intense sweetness of its namesake. Notes of freshly fried dough are perfectly balanced with layers of sugar and cream. You can almost smell the calories.

Electric Green Apple

Energized Inspired Fruity Tart

This blend will raise the hair on your arms. It’s shockingly tart with a jolt of sublime sweet and sour. Turn up your product’s voltage with Electric Green Apple.


Fruit Punch

Energized Focused Candy Tropical

This blend is undeniably sweet and fruity with sharp citrus notes that morph into floral mango. Smooth banana flavors evolve into dark berries and fresh melon takes a turn for the tropics. Complex doesn’t even begin to describe it. This isn't your typical Fruit Punch.

Peaches and Creme

Peaceful Relaxed Creamy Stone Fruit

Sink your teeth into something indulgently creamy. This vivid flavor captures the candy-like tartness of ripe peaches with sweet, luscious cream. Try Peaches and Creme for yourself and send your taste buds to nirvana.

Sweet Strawberry

Inspired Relaxed Candy Berry

Sweet Strawberry intensifies everything you love about that classic red berry. It’s fresh and bright, sweet and perfectly tart. This is how you always hope a strawberry will taste. Try it for yourself and experience the candy-like paradise of Sweet Strawberry.

Watermelon Splash

Peaceful Relaxed Candy Melon

Prepare for an undeniably juicy watermelon experience. This flavor is bright, fruity, and promotes an immediate face-splitting grin. As the sharp Watermelon Splash flavor envelops your palate, brace yourself for delicious waves of candy-like heaven.

Cloudburst Series Sample Kit Specifications

  • Storage and Dilution

    Storage: We strongly recommend leaving Cloudburst Series blends unopened until ready for use. The Cloudburst Series should not be refrigerated or frozen. Keep them in a cool, dark place. Storing them improperly will result in aroma degradation. Similar to a jar of flower, the more you open and expose it to air and light, the more likely the terpenes will degrade/lose potency. For absolute best results, use within 3 months of receiving.

    Handling: Wear gloves and eye protection when handling. Use in a properly ventilated area and out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, wood surfaces, and fabrics.

    Usage: It’s always a good idea to shake well before use. These are highly concentrated food grade terpenes and flavors for manufacturer use only. Do not directly ingest, inhale, or touch with bare skin prior to dilution. For dilution and mixing recommendations, click here for our mixing guide.

  • Disclaimers

    With each state having unique and differing regulations regarding terpene blends and flavor additives, the blends that may be approved for use in one state may not be acceptable for use in another state, and vice versa.

    Please coordinate with your Abstrax sales representative about the compliance of these blends in your respective state/country. Each state has ever-evolving regulations and it is important that our customers ensure they are in compliance with their respective regulatory bodies.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Our Standards

No heavy metals or pesticides reach our facility. All ingredients are further tested using GC analysis and refined via molecular distillation to guarantee the absolute highest purity.

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Cloudburst Series FAQs

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  • What is the Cloudburst Series?

    It’s all about flavor, flavor, and more flavor. Our Cloudburst Series takes traditional terpene flavoring and blows it out of the stratosphere. No other functional flavor product comes even close to matching Cloudburst’s intensity.

    In-your-face, over-the-top, mouthwatering flavor combines with our classic Abstrax terpenes to deliver an experience that your customers are going to love.

  • How are Cloudburst blends made?

    Every single one of Abstrax’s products, from our Native Series to Cloudburst, is formulated entirely in-house. We’re not buying off-the-shelf flavor solutions like some of those other guys. We’re creating our products from scratch. Every. Single. Time.

    That means that every flavor is reverse-engineered by our chemists to create completely unique and accurate flavor profiles that you’re not going to find anywhere else. This allows us to craft products that are incredibly faithful to their source material.

    Cloudburst takes that idea two steps further.

    First we analyze the most popular, the sweetest, the most in-demand dessert flavors to figure out what makes them tick. Then our chemists build each flavor profile from the ground up, constantly tuning and refining to establish a faithful recreation of the source material.

    But here’s what makes Cloudburst exceptional. Once that base profile is established, our chemists will go in and crank up the intensity of each blend’s best attributes.

    The result is an extremely powerful flavor that hits and lasts, all while maintaining the function of traditional terpene flavoring

  • How does the Cloudburst Series compare to the Entourage Series?

    The Cloudburst Series is all about maximum flavor intensity whereas the Entourage Series is optimized for functional flavor.

    Both collections will provide the Entourage Effect, but the Cloudburst Series is specifically formulated to deliver the absolute maximum flavor intensity.

    In other words, Cloudburst is optimized for maximum flavor while Entourage is optimized for effect. Both taste great!

  • How much should I use?

    With Cloudburst’s intensity, we suggest a maximum of 6-7% in any vape/cannabis/hemp product. Too much of a good thing will ruin the experience. Click here to visit our mixing calculator.