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Terpene Infused Paper Cones Kit

These one-of-a-kind terpene infused papers are developed to create unforgettable sensorial experiences and inspire unparalleled mood and flavor benefits.

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Terpene Infused Paper Cones Kit

Terpene infused and just waiting for your label.

Here’s an easy turnkey opportunity to boost the flavor and aroma of your products.

These one-of-a-kind terpene infused papers are developed to create an unforgettable sensorial experience. Try a test against unflavored papers and watch how the terpenes raise the bar. And, thanks to the Entourage Effect from the added terps, your customers will reach all new heights. Grab a kit and see what the buzz is all about.


Legal Worldwide


Sample Kit Contents


Berry Dank Relaxed Energized Peaceful

Berries. The blue ones. The type that explode with sweet, nectarous juice under the smallest squeeze. The kind that smell so good, it’s almost impossible to eat them. Our proprietary Blueberry blend is as delicious as it sounds. Get on it.

Sweet Strawberry

Berry Dank Relaxed Energized Peaceful

Sweet Strawberry intensifies everything you love about that classic red berry. It’s fresh and bright, sweet and perfectly tart. This is how you always hope a strawberry will taste. Try it for yourself and experience the candy-like paradise of Sweet Strawberry.

Ice Cream Cake

Berry Dank Relaxed Energized Peaceful

Ice Cream Cake is the sweet, creamy descendent of Wedding Cake and Gelato 33. Imagine a rich vanilla cake with tart, cream cheese icing. Then a hint of nuts, a dab of floral, and just a touch of citrus to top it off. Just make sure you’re ready to wind down before taking another bite.

King Louie XIII

Berry Dank Relaxed Energized Peaceful

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Indeed, this monarch carries the traditional OG impact concentrated in a pleasantly cranial direction. The aromatic flavor is that of weighted wood interjected with motor musk. As an afternoon strain, King Louie XIII is preferable to those seeking a royal exit from the evening’s festivities.

Wedding Cake

Berry Dank Relaxed Energized Peaceful

Sometimes, you just want something sweet. This, our equivalent to a dessert wine or moscatto, Abstrax’s Wedding Cake caters to those with slightly more partial palates. The familial cross of cookie and pie, this blend is ripe, bursting with a succulent flavor that is rounded discreetly by the earthly dimensions of rustic pepper and scented cedar.

Terpene Infused Paper Cones Kit Specifications

  • Storage

    Storage: We strongly recommend leaving Infused Products unopened until ready for use. After they’re opened you’ll want to keep them in a cool, dark place to preserve the wonderful sensitive aroma of the terpenes. They should not be refrigerated. Storing them improperly will result in degradation. Similar to a jar of flower, the more you open and expose it to air and light, the more likely the terpenes and gas will degrade/lose potency. For absolute best results, use within 3 months of receiving.

  • Disclaimers

    With each state having unique and differing regulations regarding terpene blends and flavor additives, the blends that may be approved for use in one state may not be acceptable for use in another state, and vice versa.

    Please coordinate with your Abstrax sales representative about the compliance of these blends in your respective state/country. Each state has ever-evolving regulations and it is important that our customers ensure they are in compliance with their respective regulatory bodies.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Our Standards

No heavy metals or pesticides reach our facility. All ingredients are further tested using GC analysis and refined via molecular distillation to guarantee the absolute highest purity.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Why Abstrax? Why not Floraplex, True Terpenes, or somewhere else?

    We put our product quality above all else at Abstrax. Our products are better because we have the science to prove it.

    Abstrax’s R&D is second-to-none in the cannabis industry. We are the company that discovered what makes weed smell like weed. Everyone knows that smell. If somebody is smoking a joint 100 yards away, you’re going to instantly recognize it.

    People have tried to guess for decades, but we are the ones who made the breakthrough discovery. That wasn’t a university or an analytical lab - that was Abstrax. And we, alone, are able to utilize that peer-reviewed research to create the best and most authentic terpene profiles in the world.

    The way we see it, our products are everything. We conduct peer-reviewed scientific research and perform the industry’s most detailed analytics (by far) in order to create the most faithful and flavorful terpene blends on the market. We believe that no matter how good someone else’s customer service or marketing is, it won’t matter if their terpenes are just like everybody else’s. We prioritize the consumer experience above all else and aim to deliver unique and iconic flavors that solidify your brand for life. Because your customers are going to be the ones who vote with their wallet and you need to give them the best possible experience.

    We feel so strongly about our products that we encourage you to take the challenge and try our terps against our competitors. Seriously. How many companies tell you to buy their competitors’ products? Do a blind taste test and see for yourself why more people prefer Abstrax.

  • What is the Abstrax advantage?

    Abstrax is the only terpene manufacturer licensed in the United States to study, extract, and formulate botanical terpene profiles from cannabis analyzed completely in-house. Other terpene companies are relying on third-party labs to perform analytics with questionable and varying quality. We work directly with the best cultivators (Jack Herer, Sherbinskis, JoshD, etc) to map their cannabis at its peak freshness completely in-house. We're not selling knockoffs based on guesswork or some cheap imitation.

    We are the only terpene company in the world with a GCxGC (pronounced GC cross GC.) This is proprietary technology that allows us to test for well over 400 compounds found in cannabis. Other labs test for, on average, around 30-40 compounds. To put it another way, our analytical capabilities are at least 10x greater. It’s like using an electron microscope versus a magnifying glass. Other terpene companies might as well be formulating in the dark.

    Every single one of Abstrax’s products, from our Native Series to Cloudburst, is formulated entirely in-house. We’re not buying off-the-shelf flavor solutions like some of our competitors. We’re creating each of our products from scratch. Every. Single. Time.

    That means that every strain and every flavor is reverse-engineered by our chemists to create completely unique and accurate flavor profiles that you’re not going to find anywhere else. This is the Abstrax advantage.

  • How can Abstrax help my business succeed?

    We create products not with our customers in mind, but with your customers at the forefront. If consumers aren’t thrilled with the experience of your products then we go out of business. It’s that simple.

    So we offer several different product collections to fit the wants and desires of every consumer niche. It doesn’t matter if they’re the headiest stoner, the secret smoker, the soccer mom, or the retired couple - we have terpenes to fit everybody.

    No matter whether you're already a huge multi-state operator or just somebody looking to make their mark in the cannabis industry, Abstrax has got you covered.

  • Can Abstrax create custom, exclusive products for my business?

    We’d be honored!

    Our team of flavor chemists can create anything you can dream up. Want a skunky, cannabis-centric flavor with grape accents? Easy. How about a functional flavor that smells like roses? Boom, done.

    We’ll make you a flavor solution custom tailored to your business and your customers’ needs. And we can grant you exclusivity so that it remains yours forever.

    Get started with a custom order here.

  • How does Abstrax create products?

    We start by rigorously sourcing our raw material with flavor and aroma quality in mind. We approach our terpene isolates a bit differently than our competitors. Instead of getting hung up on percentages and purity, we source and refine our isolated terpenes by how they smell and how they taste while still satisfying every regulatory and safety threshold.

    We’re going to assume that, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a product manufacturer or somebody who cares about the experience of their consumers. You’re probably not purchasing isolated terpenes for the sake of calibrating extremely expensive scientific equipment. So what truly matters is how these terps are perceived from a finished-product standpoint. It’s all about the flavor, aroma, and experience.

    Every single one of Abstrax’s products, from our Native Series to Cloudburst, is formulated entirely in-house. We’re not buying off-the-shelf flavor solutions or using somebody else’s cannabis analytics like our competitors are. We’re creating each of our products from scratch. Every. Single. Time.

    That means that every strain and every flavor is reverse-engineered by our chemists to create completely unique and accurate flavor profiles that you’re not going to find anywhere else. This allows us to craft products that are incredibly faithful to their source material.

    Check out our What We Do page for an even more in-depth explanation.

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