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Native Series Sample Kit

Natural Flavor

Regulatory Info

$ 20

Makes about 240 one-gram carts.1

1. Our assumption is based on a 5% usage rate of terpenes within a one-gram cart filled with THC distillate. This is an average percentage of terpenes. Your results may vary.

True-to-type botanically-derived cannabis profiles.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried botanical terps and thought, “these don’t smell like cannabis.”

The Native Series is a collection of Advanced Terpene Profiles that tastes and smells exactly like the original cannabis material. Except they’re not limited by supply, they don’t cost your firstborn child, and they’re legal worldwide.

True to Type

Advanced Terpene Profiles

Natural Flavor

The Native Series uses only natural ingredients.


Native Series Sample Kit

Sample Kit Contents

Blackberry Kush

Energized Peaceful Dank Berry

This blend has the diesel notes you love from Kush strains with the lush sweetness of blackberries. It’s a surprisingly sophisticated aroma that’s lightly floral and herbaceous with notes of tart dark berries.

Cherry Pie

Energized Peaceful Dank Stone Fruit

Cherry Pie is cherry tart, sweet, and exquisitely dank. However, that shouldn’t come as a surprise with a lineage like Grandaddy Purple and F1 Durban Poison. Prepare for a goofy smile that’ll stick with you all day long.

Ghost Train Haze

Energized Inspired Dank Pine

Notorious for its ability to send users deep into the spirit realm, Ghost Train Haze does so in an amazingly gentle fashion. Hailing from a cross between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG, this sativa is best for veteran stoners.

King Louie XIII

Peaceful Relaxed Dank Woody

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Indeed, this monarch carries the traditional OG impact concentrated in a pleasantly cranial direction. This profile is just straight gas. If you want to get loud, look no further. The king is here.


Peaceful Relaxed Tropical Citrus

As a cross between Citral #13 and Ice #2, Papaya Rosin is undeniably tropical with a unique woody lift. It’s sweet, delicately citric, and leaves taste buds wanting more while encouraging lazy days on the beach.

Super Sour Diesel

Energized Inspired Dank Citrus

As a cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, it should come as no surprise that Super Sour Diesel is fuel-forward with pungent notes of pine, earth, and citrus. Prepare for a sauce that’s unforgettably potent.


These are the next-generation of terpene profiles.

The Native Series contains cannasulfur compounds (CSCs) to impart that gassy, skunky flavor and aroma that matches exactly with the original cannabis’ metabolic fingerprint.¹

Sauce, Rosin, or Flower?

We’ve modeled each Native Series profile off the “best” version of each cultivar (sauce, rosin, or flower.) That’s why Native Series profiles denote the source of the original cannabis material we analyzed.


During the various refinement and purification processes inherent to extraction, different molecular components are targeted for harvest. Along the way, certain substances are prioritized - often at the expense of other molecular structures. Thanks to our industry-leading analytics, we’ve been able to fine tune our extraction techniques to identify and isolate the exact flavor and aroma compounds of the natural, original flower - minus the plant matter and fats, of course.


After high-quality frozen products are subjected to a series of concentration processes, the act of creating rosin includes refreezing that refined solution before dispersing it through various grade sieves. Then, that material is exposed to carefully modulated heat and pressure. Fortunately, while these procedures do affect the flavoring of rosin relative to traditional flower, rigorous testing has enabled our chemists to perfectly replicate the terpene structures, tastes, and aromas of the native flower.


Sometimes referred to as "terp sauce," this denomination is the cutting edge of concentrate technological achievement. Transcending traditional mixing boundaries, sauce takes purification to new levels; crystalline icebergs float along in syrupy seas of terpene jelly. Beyond the difficulty of stabilizing such a volatile substance for production, extensive time was invested in understanding the full spectrum of terpene inclusion - relative to both the flavor and effect of whichever flower that sauce is derived from.

"This research and discovery will have long-lasting positive effects on the cannabis industry... it will also help us to further enhance our OG genetics to create the ultimate consistency and product experiences."

Josh Del Rosso, Founder Josh D Farms
Original breeder of OG Kush

Native Series Sample Kit Specifications

  • Storage and Dilution

    Storage: We strongly recommend leaving Native Series profiles unopened and in a refrigerator at 36°F until ready for use. Do not ever freeze the bottle. After they’re opened you’ll still want to keep them in a dark refrigerator at below 36°F to preserve the wonderful sensitive aroma of the terpenes. Storing them improperly will result in aroma degradation. Similar to a jar of flower, the more you open and expose it to air and light, the more likely the terpenes will degrade/lose potency. For absolute best results, use within 3 months of receiving.

    Handling: Wear gloves and eye protection when handling. Use in a properly ventilated area and out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, wood surfaces, and fabrics.

    Usage: It’s always a good idea to shake well before use. These are highly concentrated food grade terpenes and flavors for manufacturer use only. Do not directly ingest, inhale, or touch with bare skin prior to dilution. For dilution and mixing recommendations, click here for our mixing guide.

  • Disclaimers

    With each state having unique and differing regulations regarding terpene blends and flavor additives, the blends that may be approved for use in one state may not be acceptable for use in another state, and vice versa.

    Please coordinate with your Abstrax sales representative about the compliance of these blends in your respective state/country. Each state has ever-evolving regulations and it is important that our customers ensure they are in compliance with their respective regulatory bodies.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

  • Native Series Sample Kit Certificates
  • Abstrax Certificates

Our Standards

No heavy metals or pesticides reach our facility. All ingredients are further tested using GC analysis and refined via molecular distillation to guarantee the absolute highest purity.

View our compliance documents

Frequently asked questions

View more FAQs
  • What is the Native Series?

    Imagine cannabis-derived terpenes… without cannabis. That’s the Native Series - a collection of Advanced Terpene Profiles. Tastes and smells exactly like the original cannabis material. Except they’re not limited by supply, they don’t cost your firstborn child, and they’re legal worldwide.

    Native Series profiles, by and large, contain cannasulfur compounds - the ingredients Abstrax discovered that give cannabis its distinctive gassy, skunky aroma. Through our industry-leading analytics, we’re able to unlock all of the mysteries of the original flower and then recreate them more precisely than any other terpene company on the planet.

    The Native Series is completely unique in the terpene marketplace. No other terpene company has a botanical terpene blend that tastes and smells like cannabis. You’ll often find “live resin” hemp terpenes that try to get close to our Native Series, but check the price tag and supply.

    If you’re a brand that’s looking to build consumer trust through repeatable and scalable cannabis product lines, then our Native Series is the best viable option to optimize your product experience.

  • How are Native Series profiles created?

    We let nature guide us on the product development of each Native Series profile.

    First we run a fresh sample through our analytical equipment to unlock everything that’s in the plant. Other terpene companies and labs test for about 30-40 compounds commonly found in cannabis. Abstrax tests for over 400. Think about it - how could we honestly build a product if we’re only guessing at what the ingredients are?

    After we’ve performed our detailed analytics, we let the plant guide our formulation. We’re not taking artistic liberties with this collection. Whatever the cannabis plant is producing is exactly what you’re going to taste in our finished profile.

  • How close are Native Series profiles to cannabis-derived terpenes?

    They’re nearly identical. We’re talking 99% accuracy. That’s really what makes the Native Series so special. They’re the world’s first true-to-type botanical terpene profiles.

    Cannabis is an extremely complex plant. It can frequently have hundreds and hundreds of individual compounds from cultivar to cultivar. So we take extra special care to craft our Native Series profiles using a massive library of aroma compounds.

    Our Native Series profiles can be an even closer representation of the original flower than cannabis-derived terpenes from the same flower. I know, bold claim. How can a botanical profile be more accurate than the actual terpenes derived from the cannabis itself?

    To start with, the flavor profile is very delicate and your extraction method is massively important. If you’re extracting via butane, propane, etc then you’re removing most of the organic compounds. If you’re using steam distillation its probably going to come out smelling like tea leaves. CO2 extractions use a lot of heat & pressure and it can absolutely demolish the flavor profile. On and on and on. Point is that there’s a very strong likelihood of altering the flavor profile of the flower through the extraction process. If that alteration is greater than 1% then our Native Series will be a closer final representation. We published a research study on this to prove it.

    We have the most detailed cannabis analytics in the entire world so we can determine exactly what the original flower contained. Then we can formulate using the same compounds to impart the gassy, skunky notes found in cannabis even though it's a botanical blend. The end result is often an even closer representation of the original flower than cannabis-derived terpenes themselves.

  • Why are some Native Series profiles listed as “sauce, rosin, or flower?”

    We conducted a peer-reviewed research study to figure out how different cannabis concentrates, derived from the same cultivar, compare to the original flower itself. What changes occur, if any, when you take flower and turn it into live resin or solventless rosin? Check out our paper here.

    Long story short - the flavor and aroma profile can vary. We learned that different cannabis products can have different aromas even from the same cultivar.

    For our Native Series profiles we’ve modeled their analytics off the “best” version of each cultivar. That’s why Native Series profiles denote the source of the original cannabis material we analyzed.

    Special note: don’t confuse the Native Series with the misnamed “live resin terpene” offerings you’ll find from our competitors. Live resin is an extract obtained from the hydrocarbon extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, typically via the use of a solvent (not steam!) from fresh frozen flower. 

  • Are these “live resin” terpenes?

    No, they’re botanically derived. In fact, the bulk majority of “live resin terpenes” are improperly named. Here’s why.

    Live resin is a honey-like extract created with fresh frozen cannabis and extracted using a hydrocarbon extraction method (typically butane.) The original plants are kept frozen throughout the extraction process and they skip the traditional drying, curing, and trimming phases of harvest. The plants must remain frozen otherwise the heat will destroy the volatile flavor and aroma compounds and, additionally, they’ll carry over unwanted water.

    To be clear, live resin is a cannabis extract. “Live resin terps” would imply that the terpenes were extracted from a live resin extract, but that is very rarely the case. Don’t be fooled and, more importantly, don’t spend money on mislabeled steam-distilled hemp terpenes.

    There are true live resin terps out there and, even better, we sell them! Hop on over to Abstrax Labs if you’re interested.