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Native Series Sample Kit



Everyone’s talking terpenes, and taste buds become ever more discerning. That’s why we’ve applied our sharpest science to identify and isolate the highly specific floral compounds that make the gassy, dank, and diesel magic connoisseurs demand. These beloved and powerful taste sensations turn apprentices into wizards - please use responsibly.

This is a 6 piece sample kit consisting of 2-gram samples of our premium terpenes: Native Series SFV OG, Native Series King Louie XIII, Native Series Orange Soda, Native Series Ghost Train Haze, Native Series GG4, Native Series London Pound Cake. Also included is a 2g bottle of our diluent, Tec Temper, as well as a 50 mL beaker. 

Disclaimer: Native Series Terpenes must be stored in a refrigerator to preserve the wonderful sensitive aroma of cannabis. If it is stored improperly, you will have aroma degradation and the gas compounds will be degraded. The optimal storage is: Most important - exposed to air and heat as little as possible. Store in a refrigerator (below 40F). Store away from light.

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