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What is terpinolene and what does this cannabis terpene do?

Let’s take a walk in the woods.  Wildflowers are blooming. The morning sun is shaded by big, bushy branches. As...

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Why We Need Botanical AND Cannabis Terpenes

This week we’re uncomplicating botanical and cannabis terpenes and talking about the important role they both play in the cannabis industry. Working in any part of the cannabis...

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Top 4 Terpene Isolates Found in Cannabis

The secret ingredient to every great cannabis strain? Terpenes! Read on and discover the top 4 terpene isolates found in cannabis.  To put it simply, terpenes make cannabis...

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5 Most Common Indica Terpene Strain Profiles

Discover which terpenes are most common in Indica dominant strains Expand your cannabis knowledge While the terms Sativa and Indica are slowly becoming more muddled as cannabis strains...

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