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Can Terpenes Make Your Personal Care Products More Effective?

Consumers are vocal when personal care products don’t work. Give them something positive to talk about by using terpenes to make your personal care products more effective.

The concept of “self-care” has drastically evolved over the last year. It’s no longer just consumers indulging in the latest fashion trends or weekend getaways. People are reshaping what it means to be happy and healthy. Now, instead of reaching for products that mask or hide, they’re opting for effective products that provide real results. That means ineffective items will quickly fall by the wayside.

In a saturated market with vocal consumers, creating powerful and effective products with sensational experiences is the only way to stand out. If that’s your goal, then it’s time you considered adding terpenes to your personal care products. 

Not only do they add phenomenal scent and flavor, but terpenes can also enhance the effectiveness of your products. Plus, they’ll help create the kind of positive consumer experiences that trend for all the right reasons. Read on to discover how terpenes can make your personal care products more effective. 

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Can Terpenes Make Your Personal Care Products More Effective?

Here’s a breakdown of what we’re covering today...

  • Terpenes are hydrocarbons produced by most plants that dictate their unique flavor, aroma, and effects. Plants use terpenes to interact with their environments, and that means terpenes can also influence us as well.
  • Consumers will quickly ditch ineffective personal care products, so creating products that provide real results is the only way to thrive in such a competitive market. 
  • Terpenes have a variety of properties (anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, analgesic, etc.) that personal care products can benefit from. 
  • Facial Moisturizers, masks, serums, and oils can benefit from the enhanced penetration from Limonene and the anti-aging properties of Geraniol.
  • Acne-Fighting products can get a boost of effectiveness from the anti-bacterial properties in Terpineol and the soothing effects of Bisabolol.
  • Valencene (which can reduce the effects of photoaging) and Eugenol (which has anti-itch properties) are phenomenal terpenes for personal care products designed for outdoor use. 
  • Camphene and Alpha-Pinene can promote a healthier scalp for strong hair and less irritating dandruff.

What Are Terpenes? 

New to the terpene scene? Well, considering the leaps and bounds that terpene science has made just in the last few years, that’s not all that surprising. Here’s a brief explanation to get you up to speed…

Terpenes are the organic hydrocarbons produced by most plants that dictate their unique scent and flavor. Over time, plants developed different terpene profiles for specific purposes (attract pollinators, repel predators, etc.). So, plants basically use terpenes to interact with their environment in very specific ways.

An important thing to remember, however, is that WE are part of that environment. That means terpenes interact with us as well. Obviously, terpenes provide scent and flavor, but they can do a lot more than that. Have you ever wondered why certain herbs are relaxing? Does the scent of lemons help you feel more awake and energized? That’s terpenes!

But what about your skin? Yes, having products that smell amazing is a plus, but can terpenes actually make your personal care products more effective?

How Do Terpenes Provide Benefits For Personal Care Products?

This isn’t news to you by any means, but your skin works insanely hard. It’s the largest organ of the human body, constantly protects you, and is an indicator of your internal health. Dull and uneven skin can indicate a lack of sleep, oil production can be a result of stress or hormones, etc. 

In the past, consumers focused on masking these issues. Today, however, people are reaching for effective products that provide real beautifying results. The much sought after #nofilter flex is real, and consumers want products that will help them achieve it. 

That goes double for personal care products outside the beauty industry (muscle rubs, anti-itch, burn salves, etc.). When consumers need these products, they want fast, effective relief. Ineffective products, or even products that are too subtle, will quickly be dropped in favor of more effective products from your competitors. 

This is where terpenes come in. Not only can they add phenomenal scent and flavor to your products, but they also have a variety of beneficial properties your consumers are looking for. Brands like Fifth & Root have already taken advantage of this potential to create their line of terpene and CBD-infused skincare. 

Fifth & Root infuses their skincare products with terpenes to enhance their effects - Abstrax Tech

Here are just a few of the effects you can expect from different terpenes…

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Enhanced skin penetration
  • Analgesic

Still having a hard time seeing how this helps your products? Keep reading...

Facial Moisturizers, Serums, Oils, etc.

Consumers of skincare products, perhaps more than any other personal care product, are vocal. And they should be! We spend all day looking at each other and ourselves. If the Zoom-call frenzy of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that facial communication is important. That means taking care of our faces is important too. To provide effective facial products, you might want to consider the following terpenes…

D-Limonene for Enhanced Penetration, Healing, and Rejuvenation

On top of smelling absolutely mouthwatering, this citrus-forward terpene can act as a penetration enhancer to promote product absorption. In addition to that, studies have suggested that limonene may offer benefits for dermatitis. When applied topically it can soothe aching, burning skin by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokine production. Plus, its mood-elevating properties can promote an uplifting, energizing effect.

Geraniol for Relaxing, Anti-Aging Properties

Found in geraniums, wine grapes, and roses, this delicate smelling terpene actually provides powerful anti-aging benefits. Geraniol’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help combat free radical damage. That means fewer premature signs of aging. It also has antimicrobial and relaxing, sedative properties. Yes, please!

Acne-Fighting Products

Technically, acne-fighting products could be included in the previous category. However, any consumer who struggles with blemishes understands that these are a separate arsenal of skincare products. They have to reduce oil without drying, all while soothing stressed-out skin. Honestly, they kind of have to do it all. That being the case, here are our favorite acne-fighting terpenes…

Terpineol for Powerful Antibacterial Properties

Tea-tree oil has long been a home remedy for acne-prone skin, and a big part of its success comes from its Terpineol content. This terpene, also found in pine-trees and cajuput, has powerful antibacterial properties that can help rid skin of acne-producing bacteria. It also has antimicrobial and subtle relaxing, restorative effects. After all that acne-induced stress, that sounds absolutely perfect. 

Soothe and Nourish Stressed-Out Skin with Bisabolol

Many acne-fighting products are harsh and can strip skin of natural oils. Bisabolol is the perfect terpene to soothe and comfort irritated skin. Found in chamomile, this sweet, subtle terpene has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe red, stressed-out skin while maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. Its panthenol content (a form of Vitamin B) penetrates deep to help skin retain moisture while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Bonus!

Anti-Itch, Insect Repellant, Sun Damage Repair, etc.

These might not be as glamorous as other skincare products. However, when you need them, you NEED them. That’s why the items in this category can’t offer “subtle” effects. They have to provide immediate relief, otherwise, customers will quickly look to your competitors. If you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of these products, consider the following…

Eugenol for Itch Relief

No one likes dealing with bug bites, but luckily Eugenol has anesthetic properties that can reduce the uncomfortable itching associated with them. Found in cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this terpene also has fungicide, antibacterial, and analgesic effects that will definitely come in handy. 

Valencene to Combat Damage From Sun Exposure and to Repel Insects

This terpene has a long list of benefits, but for these products, we’re most interested in its ability to fight photoaging and repel insects. Studies suggest that Valencene may be able to reduce the effects of UV-induced photoaging. It can also repel insects like mosquitoes and ticks, giving it big potential for personal care products designed for outdoor use. 

Terpenes can add scent and effects to your personal care products - Abstrax Tech

Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Growth, Anti-Dandruff, etc.

Over the past few years, consumers have become wary of the many ingredients in hair care products. The massive influx of natural or organic hair care products was a direct result of this consumer fear. However, one thing consumers will always want out of their haircare products is results. Terpenes can help provide the best of both worlds by adding memorable scents and powerful effects. 

Camphene to Promote A Healthier Scalp and Stimulate Hair Growth

Camphene (found in camphora trees, cumin, and hops) has massive potential for hair care products. Its ability to promote both cold and warm sensations can help stimulate blood circulation to the scalp. That means better nutrition and oxygen for hair follicles which is necessary for hair growth, strength, and overall luster. It also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve itchy scalps. 

Alpha-Pinene for Reduced Dandruff

This invigorating terpene will enliven your senses while providing several benefits for hair and scalp. Found in pine trees, rosemary, and eucalyptus, alpha-pinene has powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It may also help increase scalp circulation while soothing irritation and reducing dandruff. Studies indicate that Rosemary oil (which is dense in alpha-pinene) may boost the effectiveness of anti-dandruff products. 

Terpenes Provide Consistency for Your Products

If your dreams of grandeur involve using terpenes by adding actual plants, there are a few items you’ll want to take into consideration. 

First, terpenes are volatile compounds. That means they’re very sensitive to things like heat and even handling. Most manufacturing procedures are too rough for terpenes, so using additional plant matter won’t guarantee a high terpene content for your products.

Second, the natural terpenes present in plants aren’t always consistent. Two identical seeds grown on opposite sides of a field might have different terpene profiles. That’s because plants can react to things like weather, soil quality, and even farming techniques to produce different terpene profiles. Unless you’re sourcing your plant matter from a carefully monitored indoor hydroponic grow operation, inconsistency is just a reality. 

That’s why we use molecular distillation. This method allows us to provide you with high-purity botanical terpenes that are consistent, solvent-less, and free of fillers. This way, you’ll have more control over the aroma, flavor, and effects of your products. 

Create Sophisticated, Effective Personal Care Products With Terpenes

By no means is the list above comprehensive. Honestly, there are hundreds of personal care products that can benefit from terpenes, not to mention the thousands of terpene combinations that can boost their effectiveness. We’re passionate about terpene science and the many ways it can enhance and improve the world around us. 

Feel free to contact us for exclusive terpene formulations or just to chat about the different ways that terpenes can make your personal care products more effective.

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