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Discover Runtz: Berry Runtz, Pink Runtz, White Runtz, and MORE

Pink Runtz, and Berry Runtz, and White Runtz—oh my. Discover the origins of the Runtz family and learn what makes each cultivar so deliciously unique.

If you’ve ever managed to get your hands on actual Runtz flower, you’ll understand why this genetic family is so special. These euphoric, flavor-forward cultivars all started when Runtz crew members Nick, rapper Yung LB, and manager Ray-Bama crossed seeds from their indoor Zkittlez plants with Gelato.

In an interview with Leaf Nation, Ray-Bama described hastily trimming Runtz before heading to the Emerald Cup. “We showed up with five girls, the Runtz and 1,000 t-shirts. Literally, that shit sold so fast – everyone at the Cup was like, ‘You’ve got something going.’”

Today, Runtz is a beloved part of Cookies Fam, where co-founder Berner sustains the hype around these cultivars through merch, music partnerships, and other creative marketing strategies. With all of that popularity, however, comes lots of bootlegs. 

The high demand for Runtz led to imitations galore, while the actual Runtz ended up getting sold under different names as a result of the crew intentionally spreading the genetics far and wide. As High Times put it, “For a time, everybody supposedly had Runtz, and almost nobody smoked real Runtz.”

So, today, we’re diving into the true Runtz family, its colorful phenotypes, and the unique candy-like aroma and flavors that make this family so sought after.

RNTZ OG Terpene Profile | Native Series | Abstrax Tech

Runtz OG

The originator of this genetic lineage started when the Runtz crew crossed their indoor-grown Zkittlez with Gelato. Thus, Runtz OG was born. Just a few short months later, it debuted at the Emerald Cup, and it’s been winning awards ever since.

When explaining their decision to name Runtz their 2020 strain of the year, the California bureau chief for Leafly told Forbes, “It looks purple instead of green. It smells riotously fruity and syrupy and gassy. It is a wonder to behold, and then that visual information is backed up by the smell.”

Honestly, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves. To do justice to this candy-forward cultivar, we analyzed dank Runtz OG sauce to create our true-to-type Native Series RNTZ OG. Dominant isolates d-Limonene, beta-Myrcene, and alpha-Pinene give this terpene profile the sweet & sour brightness and creamy finish that this beloved cultivar is known for.

Pink Runtz

Most say that Pink Runtz is a phenotype of Runtz OG bred by Cookies Fam. Others say it was bred in-house by CopyCat Genetics by crossing a Pink Panties clone with a reversal of Runtz. There’s even gossip that it’s a cross between Pink Panties and Rainbow Sherbert. Regardless of its origins, the iconic Pink Runtz has all of the phenomenal sweetness of Runtz OG with its own special twist.

Its effects are exquisitely balanced between stimulating and relaxing. Imagine the perfect combination of giggly cerebral euphoria and spine-tingling body relaxation. 

These sweet effects are made even more enjoyable considering that Pink Runtz is the sweetest of its immediate family. It’s sugary sweet, mildly herbaceous, and has a palpable sour candy flavor. To accurately replicate the aroma of this cultivar, we analyzed Pink Runtz sauce to create our Native Series Pink RNTZ. It’s loud, it’s gassy, and it’s everything you’re looking for.

White RNTZ Terpene Profile | Native Series | Abstrax Tech

White Runtz

White Runtz is the creamiest of the Runtz phenotypes, and that’s really saying something considering that Runtz OG is known for its smooth, creamy exhale. 

While this is one of the more difficult flowers to get your hands on, you’ve probably heard it mentioned in a variety of song lyrics. From Xanman’s “Drop Ya Man” to several Yung LB singles, it’s clear that White Runtz has gained the same celebrity status as the rest of its family.

Our Native Series White RNTZ terpene profile recreates this cultivars sophistication with dominant terpenes d-Limonene, beta-Myrcene, and alpha-Pinene. The combination of these isolates, along with over 350 other aroma compounds, authentically recreates the White Runtz aroma and flavor. It’s less sweet than Runtz OG, but additional notes of citrus, cream, and earth give this phenotype a surprisingly exotic twist.

Berry Runtz

Compared to other Runtz family members, Berry Runtz is the least candy-like. Now, don’t get us wrong, it still brings a sugary confection flavor to the table. It’s just more berry-forward, with notes of blueberries and a delicate zing of citrus.

The minute this cultivar hit the scene, we knew it was something special. In one interview, Abstrax CEO and Co-Founder Max Koby said, “There's a reason this flavor is becoming so popular. It's an amazingly cool hybrid that offers sustained feelings of energy and euphoria while providing a delicious sweet berry aroma and flavor that artfully delights the palate."

We also went straight for the dank flower when analyzing samples for our Berry RNTZ Native Series terpene profile. This allowed us to recreate the sensorial effects of this cultivar that everyone loves so much. It’s euphoric without the paranoia, and it’s relaxing without the couch lock. 

Native Series Botanical Terpene Profiles | Abstrax Tech

Capture the Runtz Family Aroma with Abstrax Tech

At Abstrax, we’ve long understood the artistry and dedication that goes into cultivating cannabis. That’s why authentically recreating the distinct aromas, flavors, and sensorial effects of these cultivars is so important to us. The Runtz cultivars may not have been around for long, but they’ve created die-hard fans and touched so many aspects of cannabis culture in a very short time. 

Interested in infusing your products with one of our RNTZ Native Series terpene profiles? Contact us today, and let’s get started.

Discover the Runtz Aroma

You might associate "pink" with delicate effects, but don’t be deceived. Think sweet, a subtle herbaceous aroma, and just a hint of tartness. It’s practically dripping with sweet flavors and even sweeter effects.

Berry RNTZ is a cool hybrid strain noted for its sweet, sugary, berry flavor. For a while, Berry RNTZ was a secret handshake among connoisseurs, but the word is now out, as indicated by its exploding popularity and acclaim.

If you're a fan of Pixy Stix, you'll appreciate the sweet and sour candy notes of this blend. It'll hit you with shockingly bright citrus before it slams into a spicy finishing move. It's fresh, mouthwatering, and always leaves you wanting more.

It’s less sweet than RNTZ OG but a smidge more citrus than Pink RNTZ. It has a creaminess that’s elevated by notes of citrus, and an earthy quality that adds an unexpected level of sophistication.

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