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Improve Your Products By Adding Terpenes

When patients smoke concentrates, they expect it to taste like the strain it’s named after. However, during refining processes, the many terpenes that contribute to a specific marijuana’s taste, potency, and effects are removed. So, to make a Blue Dream oil taste and feel like grown Blue Dream again, formulations high in Myrcene and Limonene can be added.

...During refining processes, the many terpenes that contribute to a specific marijuana’s taste, potency, and effects are removed.

3 Ways Adding Terpenes Can Improve Your Products

  1. Improves the Entourage Effect
  2. Improves the Product's Flavor Profile
  3. Enhances the Mood & Resulting Effect

Terpenes Are Not All Created Equally

But not all terpenes are created equal. Abstrax prides itself on producing natural, organic terpenes instead of the common synthetic alternatives offered by many of our competitors. Our products undergo molecular distillation in order to ensure unparalleled purity, rather than using cheap, degrading steam. The high-quality materials we utilize are all stored, and mixed in a GMP-certified facility. We always handle these powerful but delicate terpenes with the utmost care, carefully following SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). Additionally, our formulation blends undergo continual reexamination for potential improvement, even though they are based on original strains and have an award-winning track record.

Abstrax Terpene Mollecular Distillation

We at Abstrax understand that mixing terpenes is a complex process. Measurements, environmental conditions, and cleanliness all play a crucial role. In order to help, we are happy to provide clients with both the services of our support staff and a complimentary copy of our SOP for filling and mixing. Supporting our customers and playing a positive role in growing our industry is important to us. We want to ensure our customers’ happiness in both consistency and quality!

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