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In the News: Illinois Experiencing Recreational Cannabis Shortages as Expected

January 1st marked the launch of recreational cannabis in Illinois, and in just seven days they’re already experiencing supply shortages. The lack of supply forced some dispensaries to close, implement purchase limits, or sell only to medical patients. While closed shops, long lines, and purchase limits may sound like bad things, none of this comes as a surprise; and neither did the $3.2 million worth of sales they made that first day.

The high demand for recreational cannabis is being seen and heard across the country, and other states are taking notice. At the end of 2019, a CBS News Poll showed that 65% of U.S. adults said marijuana should be legal. The increased popular opinion of cannabis is to be expected with thirty-three states legalizing it in some form already. Now, it looks like cannabis will be on several state ballots in some form or other in 2020. 

A few of the states in question include Florida, Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York even listed it as one of his top priorities for 2020. In one CNN interview he even said, “It’ll really be a gigantic market.” 

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