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List of Terpenes Best For Carts

These wildly popular terpene profiles infuse carts with must-have flavors and effects that consumers love. Discover which blends made the cut for our list of terpenes best for carts.

Lately, we’ve been hearing that people want more. More flavor, more powerful effects, just MORE. In all honesty, that was a huge inspiration for our new Cloudburst series. However, today we’re taking it even further. Today we’re sharing our top list of terpenes that are best for carts. 

What do we mean by “best?” We mean terpene blends with just...the best. That means the best authentic flavors, original flavors, and even the best effects. These are wildly popular terpene profiles that make consumers sit up and take notice. They’re iconic and unforgettable. 

While this list will probably evolve, today these are the blends that made the cut for our list of terpenes best for carts.

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List of Terpenes Best For Carts

Anxious for all the flavor-packed details. We can’t blame you. Here’s the short version of what we’re covering today:

  • Super Sour Diesel Sauce makes our list of terpenes best for carts because of its intense cerebral effects. The aroma is pungent, but iconic effects like euphoria, creativity, and energy are perfectly captured in this blend.
  • Fruit Punch, from our Cloudburst Series, made the cut because of its insanely transformative flavor. Yes, it tastes like fruit, but you could spend all day trying to pick out the various notes. It’s the kind of terpene profile that keeps you coming back for more.
  • While Super Sour Diesel Sauce had intense cerebral and energizing effects, King Louie XIII made the list because of its powerful relaxation properties. The effects start behind the eyes and gently extend down the body. Your muscles will begin to relax and you’ll quickly find yourself ready for beauty sleep.
  • Blue Dream is a no-brainer. The flavor and effects are iconic but hard to find in some areas. This blend has all the authentic taste with all the special effects. So if you’ve been searching for the Blue Dream experience, you’ve found it.
  • Our last flavor-packed profile for this list is Peaches and Creme. One puff, and you’ll practically feel the sweet tartness of ripe peach juice running down your chin. Luscious notes of cream turn this into an indulgent flavor perfect all year round. 


Super Sour Diesel Sauce: Intense Cerebral Effects

Sauce isn’t simple. It’s complicated to formulate and tricky to standardize, but you can’t argue with results. Super Sour Diesel Sauce is one of our best-sellers for a reason. We’ve captured the pungent aroma and iconic effects of this strain by refusing to accept anything less than perfection.
Super Sour Diesel Sauce Terpenes | Abstrax Tech

Super Sour Diesel Sauce

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A cart with these terpenes will have an intense diesel-fueled taste and heavy-hitting effects. D-Limonene and myrcene give it just enough citrus to perfectly balance the heavy notes of wood, pine, and fuel from isolates like alpha and beta-pinene. And just when you think you’ve got a handle on the flavor, the effects hit you hard and fast.

On its own, this blend is uplifting and calming. It’s like having an extra pep in your step and a subtle boost to your mood. Combined with cannabis in the right vape cartridge, however, and the effects are much more powerful. Strong cerebral effects can manifest as creativity, euphoria, and energy. It sounds like the perfect way to start the day.

Fruit Punch: Transformative Flavor

If you’re imagining the sad fruit punch someone threw together for some dreaded obligatory social gathering...think again. This isn’t your typical Fruit Punch.

Fruit Punch Terpenes | Cloudburst | Abstrax Tech

Fruit Punch | Cloudburst

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On the first puff, you’ll experience sweet fruity flavors (duh). But as you exhale, something strange happens. Was that the taste of bananas? No, strawberries or oranges. Wait, now it tastes like pineapple? When we say these terpenes have a transformative flavor, we mean it. 

Plus, the flavor is just half of the equation. The isolates that make up this blend help promote focus and mild mood elevation. That’s why we highly recommend this blend for daytime use. It’ll blow your taste buds away with flavor and inspire your mind with new ideas!  

King Louie XIII: Powerful Relaxation Effects

While Super Sour Diesel Sauce took the spot for most energizing effects, King Louie XIII reigns supreme over relaxation. While it also has notes of citrus, musky pine, and even a drop of diesel, this terpene profile provides deep relaxation that helps you chill out and unwind or lulls you into a deep sleep.

King Louie XIII Terpenes | Abstrax Tech 

King Louie XIII

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Vaping with these terpenes does require some forethought. For example, we wouldn’t recommend indulging in King Louie XIII in the morning. Well, not if you need to get anything accomplished anyway. We suggest taking a deep hit of this monarch once you’re ready to leave your responsibilities elsewhere. 

The effects often start as a heaviness behind the eyes that gently extends down your body. Your muscles will begin to relax and you’ll quickly find yourself ready for your beauty sleep. What can we say? It’s good to be king. 

Blue Dream: Authentic Flavor and Balanced Effects

There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a strain in one area and then NEVER being able to find a good strain of it elsewhere. Blue Dream is one of those strains. 

Blue Dream Terpenes | Abstrax Tech

Blue Dream

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This is easily one of our most popular terpene profiles for that very reason. Saying that Blue Dream smells like blueberries isn’t wrong, it’s just not the whole story. The authentic flavor of Blue Dream captures its delicate sweetness, its subtle hint of citrus, and the grounding earthy notes that pull it all together...and yes, blueberries.

On its own, the blue dream terpene blend provides subtle alertness and energy. The right combination of cannabinoids in a vape cart, however, and you’ve got a multi-purpose product for both daytime and evening use. It’s great for relaxing but is also beloved for its creativity-inducing focus.

Peaches and Creme: Heavenly Peach Flavor

If you’re looking for a flavor that manages to please palates all year round, Peaches and Creme is just what you need. 

Peaches and Creme | Cloudburst

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One puff and you’ll practically feel the sweet tartness of ripe peach juice running down your chin. As you exhale, notes of smooth, luscious cream elevate the flavor into something truly indulgent. It reminds us of ripe summer peaches and spiced peach cobbler at the same time. 

The flavor alone will put you in a good mood, but the isolates that make up this mouthwatering profile provide the perfect mixture of mood elevation and relaxation. Peaches and Creme is the ideal flavor to say farewell to summer and hello to fall.

Do You Agree With Our List of Terpenes?

Let us know! If your favorite terpene profile didn’t make the cut, comment on our latest Instagram post and tell us what must-have blends need to be on our next list.


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