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What Are the Main Functions of Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds, but what are the functions of terpenes? What do terpenes DO and why does it matter for CPGs? Terpenes are the organic hydrocarbons produced...

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2023 Cannabis Trends to Watch

Cannabis saw legalizations, product innovations, and more in 2022. These 2023 cannabis trends could be even bigger. While the last few years have thrown challenges at the cannabis...

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How Terpenes Enhance Functional Beverages

Discover how terpenes can improve functional beverages and even help them stand out amongst ever increasing competition. Considering the positive growth the functional beverage industry has seen over...

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What Would Be The Effect of Dry Hopping Beer With Cannabis?

Will dry hopping beer with cannabis get you high? How can you avoid pitfalls and create a truly mouthwatering beer...

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Why Do Some Beers Smell Like Cannabis?

Ever cracked open a cold beer and caught the scent of cannabis? That’s because cannabis and hops are related!  The brewing and drinking of beer is positively poetic....

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Pineapple Express | Get To Know Your Favorite Strain

It’s uplifting, has a distinctly tropical flavor, and its mind and body effects have created a dedicated fanbase. Today we’re...

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Celebrate National Barbecue Month With Terpenes

Fire up the grill, throw on some meat, and don’t forget the fixings. This year we’re celebrating national barbecue month with terpenes! The beauty of barbecue is often...

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The Ultimate Guide to Beer Terpenes

Hops are a big part of the iconic beer experience, but it’s all because hops are so terpene dense! Today, we’re covering classic beer terpenes and why terpene...

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Abstrax Tech Introduces Water Soluble Terpenes

Abstrax Tech is proud to announce the launch of our new line of water-soluble terpenes. We’ve taken our extracts, and put them through an emulsifying process that allows...

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