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Terplytics | 10 Loudest Strains

What makes a strain “loud?” Learn how Terplytics allows us to quantify loudness and discover the 10 loudest strains.

To anyone outside of the cannabis community, having someone describe a plant as “loud” may seem confusing. To those in the know, it’s immediately understood as a reference to a plant’s pungency. Basically, loud cannabis has an aroma that’s powerful, potent, and in your face.

Rappers like 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, and Kid Cudi reference cannabis in such a way in various lyrics, and the slang has pretty much cemented itself into modern cannabis culture. In our opinion, this use of synesthesia (a rhetorical device or figure of speech where one sense is described in terms of another) is pretty poetic. 

But we’re not poets, we’re scientists. And we had questions. Is a strain simply loud or not loud? Are there degrees of loudness?

Now, we’ve got answers. Discover the ten loudest strains and learn how our proprietary Terplytics system allows us to quantify loudness.

What is Terplytics?

In the most basic sense, Terplytics is the next generation of cannabis analytics. That’s really oversimplifying it, though.

In reality, our proprietary Terplytics system is the backbone of our cutting-edge R&D, extraction, and analytical technologies. Being able to analyze such large amounts of data allows us to deliver the most advanced botanical testing for exploratory research, sensory quantification, strain validation, product development, and consumer insights.

It’s also how we developed the Loud Factor. 

Terplytics allows us to assign a ranked score to the individual components of each cultivar to determine the overall pungency or “loudness.” While the Loud Factor is similar to the standard “total aromatics by weight” you’ve probably seen on products or product data sheets, our ranking is more comprehensive.

We’re able to analyze and incorporate individual compounds into our rankings, whereas other technologies lack that capability. This is particularly important for aromatic compounds like CSCs (cannasulfur compounds), PCSCs (prenylated cannasulfur compounds), and TCSCs (tropicannasulfurs). 

Even at parts per billion, these specific compounds are incredibly pungent. So simply comparing the total aromatic compounds of two strains wouldn’t tell you which one is “louder.” Some compounds, like the ones mentioned above, are just way stankier than others. 

That’s why our Loud Factor assigns scores to individual compounds based on their pungency. So, when we say a cultivar has a high Loud Factor, we have the data to back it up.

Native Series Terpene Profiles | Abstrax Tech

Garlic Cookies: Loud Factor 93

Calling Garlic Cookies unusual is putting it lightly. The thought of garlic, onions, and mushrooms may not immediately sound appealing, but something about the surprising floral notes and hints of spice keeps you coming back for more. 

Maybe it’s the satisfying combination of sweet and savory, maybe it’s the 299 aroma compounds giving it a hefty Loud Factor of 93. Whatever the case, Garlic Cookies is one of a kind.

White RNTZ: Loud Factor 93

This won’t be the last time you see the Runtz family on this list. Sure, White RNTZ isn’t the loudest phenotype. It’s also less candy-like and leans more into the realm of sophistication  However, there’s no denying its notes of creamy citrus and earth are surprisingly pungent.

While labeling such a refined aroma “loud” may seem strange, the data doesn’t lie. With a Loud Factor of 93, White RNTZ is beautifully fragrant and unforgettable.

GG4: Loud Factor 94

Also known as Gorilla Glue, Original Glue, and Gorilla Glue #4, it’s probably not a surprise to anyone that GG4 is included in this list. If the name alone doesn’t make your nose scrunch in anticipation, then simply imagine the powerful combination of wood, spice, and skunk woven together with mild floral and earthy notes. 

With a Loud Factor of 94, GG4 is complex and worthy of respect. Seriously, watch out for the couch lock.

Berry RNTZ: Loud Factor 96

As a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, it's no surprise that Berry RNTZ has a candy-like flavor and aroma reminiscent of sweet berries with subtle cream. Those descriptors may sound delicate, but don’t be fooled. 

Berry RNTZ has a weighty Loud Factor of 96. If you’re looking for a sweet bouquet that still manages to be in your face, Berry RNTZ is just what you’re looking for. 

Acapulco Gold: Loud Factor 96

With its unknown origins, Acapulco Gold is a bit of a mystery. However, it has still managed to cement itself in a specific time and place. A rich mixture of golden honey, vibrant citrus, and fuel-forward gas will transport your senses to the cool gulf breezes and blazing Mexican sun of the 60s. 

Honestly, Acapulco Gold is one of those cultivars you have to experience to believe. Trust us, you’re going to want to smell and taste all 263 aroma compounds that led to such an impressive Loud Factor. 

Dynasty OG: Loud Factor 97

With a notoriously dank lineage, Dynasty OG is known for its loud gassy aroma. Elements of pine, citrus, and earth unite with intensely strong notes of fuel for a scent you probably didn’t need us to tell you was loud.

Fans of OG Kush will appreciate every last aroma compound in Dynasty OG that led to its Loud Factor of 97. It’s potent, powerful, and inspires serious loyalty. 

Super Sour Diesel: Loud Factor 99

Also known as Super Diesel and Super Sour, no one is shocked that Super Sour Diesel is our 4th loudest strain. Honestly, the word “diesel” should have been your first clue, but its fuel-forward notes of pine, earth, and citrus are undeniably deafening.

Descended from Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, this strain is saucy, pungent, and 362 aroma compounds give it a whopping Loud Factor of 99.

GMO: Loud Factor 99

GMO is funky in the best way possible. On the Exotic Cannabis Aroma Spectrum, GMO falls securely under the Savory or Chemical category, with sensory panelists from our latest research using terms like mothballs, chemical, savory, and alliaceous to describe its aroma.

Included in its 327 aroma compounds are flavorants Indole and Skatole, which have a significant impact on aroma despite being found in very small amounts. After just one dank sniff of its notoriously gassy aroma, you’ll understand why it has a Loud Factor of 99.

King Louie XIII: Loud Factor 100

Technically, the last two strains on this list tie for first place in the loudest strain competition. However, with such phenomenal aromas, there really aren’t any losers.

Descended from LA Confidential and OG Kush, King Louie XIII is straight gas. Seriously, this is one hefty strain with 298 aroma compounds that can feel like a punch in the face. 

With a Loud Factor of 100 (yes, you read that right), the notes of wood, earth, motor musk, and lemon can be heard from miles away.

Orange Apricot: Loud Factor 100

Not only does Orange Apricot have the largest number of aroma compounds (374!), but those compounds include tropicannasulfurs. These flavorants are a subset of CSCs that, when combined with PCSCs and terpenes, impart an aroma that’s citrus-forward with underlying notes of funk, petroleum, and/or sulfur. 

Plus, like other members of the cannasulfur family, even the smallest amount of these compounds will have a BIG impact. Think loud aromas that can’t be ignored. Such is the case with Orange Apricot.

With its exhilarating medley of Tangie-forward citrus and sweet gas, Orange Apricot is blaringly loud with a Loud Factor of 100. 

GMO and Orange Apricot are two of the first botanical terpene profiles to benefit from our breakthrough discovery regarding flavorants.

Flavorants are non-terpene compounds found in low concentrations that are responsible for the unique and diverse flavors of cannabis. They’re also incredibly potent, even though they’re only present in minuscule amounts. 

Read The Science of Exotic Cannabis: The Rise of Flavorants here.

Let’s Get Loud with Abstrax Terplytics

With our proprietary Terplytics system, we’re able to take the guesswork out of aromas. Our ability to analyze and quantify aroma compounds means you can develop products that not only deliver on claims like “loud,” “gassy,” or “hazy,” but that provide specific rankings so your consumers can select the exact experience they’re looking for.

Contact us today, and let’s turn the volume up on your products.

10 Loudest Terpene Profiles

With notes of garlic, onion, and mushroom, Garlic Cookies is deliciously odd. Relaxing hints of spice meld with vegetal and floral aromas for an unusual combo of sweet and savory. It’s saucy, satisfying, and entirely unforgettable.

It’s less sweet than RNTZ OG but a smidge more citrus than Pink RNTZ. It has a creaminess that’s elevated by notes of citrus, and an earthy quality that adds an unexpected level of sophistication.

Respected, often feared, and usually sold out - Gorilla Glue #4 is potent in more ways than one. The aroma is mildly floral but mainly earthy with tangible notes of wood, spice, and skunk. Just don’t try to fight the euphoric couch lock.

Berry RNTZ is a cool hybrid strain noted for its sweet, sugary, berry flavor. For a while, Berry RNTZ was a secret handshake among connoisseurs, but the word is now out, as indicated by its exploding popularity and acclaim.

Acapulco Gold is far out, man. With its rich combo of gilded honey, bright citrus, and that splash of gas, this landrace cultivar perfectly captures the cool gulf breezes and blazing Mexican sun of the 60s.

Dynasty OG has inherited all of the authoritative dankness of its OG Kush lineage. Regal elements of pine, citrus, and earth merge with loud gassy aromas to inspire loyalty, relaxation, and respect for the OG.

As a cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, it should come as no surprise that Super Sour Diesel is fuel-forward with pungent notes of pine, earth, and citrus. Prepare for a sauce that’s unforgettably potent.

As the first to benefit from our breakthrough discovery, GMO is kicking off the next era of botanical aromatics. Flavorants Skatole and Indole multiply its notoriously savory and funky notes for a loud, gassy, and undeniably pungent finish.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Indeed, this monarch carries the traditional OG impact concentrated in a pleasantly cranial direction. This profile is just straight gas. If you want to get loud, look no further. The king is here.

Revel in the next evolution of botanical aromatics with bright petroleum-fueled Orange Apricot. Tropicannasulfurs create an exhilarating medley of Tangie-forward citrus with deafeningly loud notes of sweet gas. Welcome to the future.

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