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Terplytics | Top 5 Haziest Strains

What makes a strain “hazy?” Discover how we use Terplytics to quantify haze and learn about the five haziest strains (so far).

For those who prefer a stimulating experience with a side of earthy citrus and spice, haze is the answer. In addition to including some of the most iconic and well-known cultivars, hazes are fast-acting, potent, and they obliterate the stereotype that cannabis consumers are lazy and unmotivated. 

Hazy cultivars are often described as stimulating, creative, energizing, and not suitable for novices since they can boast THC levels that’ll send even experienced consumers into the clouds. 

But what makes a cultivar hazy? 

Considering how one of the haziest cultivars doesn’t even include the word “haze” in its name (spoiler alert), it’s not just about nomenclature. Is a cultivar simply hazy or not hazy? Are there degrees of haze? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the answers.

Discover the five haziest strains and learn how our proprietary Terplytics system allows us to quantify haze.

What is Terplytics?

In the most basic sense, Terplytics is the next generation of cannabis analytics. More specifically, our proprietary Terplytics system is the backbone of our cutting-edge R&D, extraction, and analytical technologies. 

Being able to analyze such large amounts of data allows us to deliver the most advanced botanical testing for exploratory research, sensory quantification, strain validation, product development, and consumer insights.

It’s also how we developed the Haze Factor.

The Haze Factor is indicative of typical energizing sativa-like effects with piney, woody, citrus flavors. Additionally, the terpene content in these profiles tends to be higher than average, and you’ll often see haze profiles dominant in the terpene isolate terpinolene.

It’s also worth noting that our factor scores are logarithmic. That means the difference between a profile with a Haze Factor of 96% and one with 100% is HUGE, whereas the difference between a Haze Factor of 70% and 90% isn’t as big. So, even though all of the profiles we’ve included in this list ARE hazy, there’s a world of difference between our first and last profiles. You’ll just have to experience them for yourself to see what we mean.

#5 Ghost Train Haze: Haze Factor 96%

Looking for a hazy strain with damn near supernatural effects? Ghost Train Haze has all of that and so much more. Plus, as a two-time winner of the High Times annual Strongest Strains on Earth award, we’re clearly not the only ones who feel this way. 

The aroma of Ghost Train Haze is surprisingly gentle. As a cross between Ghost OG and Neville’s Wreck, Ghost Train Haze lures you in with a floral, earthy sweetness. However, by the time you notice those dank pine notes, you’ll already be under its spell. The cerebral stimulation of this profile is ideal for customers chasing fast-acting euphoric and focused effects with a side of heavy body relaxation.

With a respectable Haze Factor of 96%, Ghost Train Haze isn’t for the faint of heart.

#4 Super Lemon Haze: Haze Factor 97%

Citrus-forward and focused, Super Lemon Haze is a fan favorite for a good reason. This cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze has won multiple Cannabis Cups, is known for its bright zesty aroma, and is enjoyed for its ability to stimulate creativity.

In the past, you might have assumed d-Limonene was responsible for this cultivar's bright citrusy aroma, but recent research has dethroned that isolate as the citrus flavor maker. Like other hazes, Super Lemon Haze is actually dominant in terpinolene and has a uniquely sweet citrus aroma with hints of pine and a peppery finish.

With a Haze Factor of 97%, Super Lemon Haze will put a serious pep in your customer’s step. It’s suitable for daytime errands, hikes, or even powering through afternoon lulls. 

#3 Sojay Haze: Haze Factor 99%

Powerfully uplifting and unforgettably aromatic, this profile is a delight for the senses. 

Sojay Haze inherited its fruity aromas and cerebral stimulation from parents BC Big Bud and Grape FX. Speaking of aromas, this profile has a vibrant terpenic quality rounded out with fruity notes of citrus and pine. And if you thought the aroma was eye-widening, the sensorial effects take it to the next level. Prepare for focused stimulation that inspires the mind and energizes the body. 

While this may sound high-energy and a tad bit overwhelming, Sojay Haze imparts all of this with a gentle euphoria that’ll keep a goofy smile on your customers’ faces while they’re tackling those to-do lists.

It’s technically tied for second place with its Haze Factor of 99%, but there’s no denying that this aroma embodies everything people love about hazy cannabis.

#2 Durban Poison: Haze Factor 99%

As a landrace strain native to South Africa, Durban Poison is one of the purest, most potent cultivars you can get your hands on (if you’re lucky).

Its aroma is a harmonious blend of sweet, spice, citrus, and wood. The spice notes are reminiscent of chai, so imagine spices like anise. Citrusy orange and lemon perfectly accent the sweet elements of pine for an aroma that’s complex yet totally approachable.

Fast-acting cerebral stimulation comes in the form of crystal-clear focus that’s ideal for customers who are running errands, tackling chores, or digging into creative projects. A noticeable lack of heaviness and a tendency to encourage chattiness make Durban Poison a great social lubricant as well. 

It may not have “haze” in the name, but with a Haze Factor of 99%, no one should be surprised to see Durban Poison on this list. 

#1 Jack Herer: Haze Factor 100%

We’ve finally reached the haziest cultivar, and if you’ve managed to sample the true Jack Herer, you’ll understand why it takes first place. Plus, there’s no denying the massive impact this award-winning strain and the man it was named after have had on the cannabis industry.

Terpinolene makes up 36% of our Signature Series Jack Herer profile, but you’ll also find two rare isolates; trans-ß-Ocimene, and ß-Phellandrene. The latter enhances the iconic woodiness of Jack Herer while rounding out the terpenic notes from terpinolene. At the same time, trans-ß-Ocimene cuts through the citrus and wood with just the right dose of sweetness. In the end, Jack Herer is spicy, citrusy, and perfectly sweet.

If you couldn’t tell, we’re a bit obsessed with getting this profile JUST right. That’s why the Jack Herer we analyzed for the Signature Series is based on the authentic original genetics first cultivated in the Netherlands. 

Want to learn more about the research that went into recreating the authentic Jack Herer profile? 

Read all about it in The Signature Series: The Original Jack Herer

Plus, let’s not forget about those phenomenal sensorial effects. Customers love Jack Herer for its invigorating cerebral buzz, which many enjoy during wake-and-bake sessions. Pair that with its relaxing qualities and lack of couch lock, and Jack Herer becomes the ideal solution for those needing motivation or a remedy for social awkwardness.

With a whopping Haze Factor of 100%, it’s easy to understand why Jack Herer has garnered so much respect.

Get Hazy with Abstrax Terplytics

With our proprietary Terplytics system, we can eliminate the guesswork in aromas. Our ability to analyze and quantify aroma compounds means you can develop products that not only deliver on claims like “loud,” “gassy,” or “hazy” but also provide specific rankings so your consumers can select the exact experience they’re looking for.

Contact us today, and let’s infuse your products with a serious hit of haze.

5 Haziest Terpene Profiles

Notorious for its ability to send users deep into the spirit realm, Ghost Train Haze does so in an amazingly gentle fashion. Hailing from a cross between Neville’s Wreck and Ghost OG, this sativa is best for veteran stoners.

Super Lemon Haze has a zesty lemon aroma that’s candy-like without overpowering the senses. The subtlest hint of pine sets off the flavor and makes it a heady solution for daytime errands, hikes, or afternoon lulls.

Analyzed from the highest quality sauce, Abstrax’s Sojay Haze delivers a terpenic cloud of fruity citric pine. You can't go wrong with parents like BC Big Bud and Grape FX. Perfect for those needing energy and focus.

The name may sound ominous, but Durban Poison is the dank wake-n-bake option you’ve been waiting for. The sweet pine and citrus provides a jolt of cerebral stimulation that heightens the senses and sharpens focus.

Born from thousands of hours of research and development, the Signature Series represents a brand new age of authenticity in cannabis. Made in full collaboration with the cultivator themselves - this is the definitive Jack Herer.

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