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What Can Water Soluble Terpenes Be Used For?


Using water-soluble terpene extracts eliminates variabilities in growing conditions, strains variations, environmental conditions, and other factors.

Here's a quick rundown on how this exciting new development in terpene extraction technology can benefit your brand:

  • Cocktails -- Whip up a drink infused with water soluble terpenes for your next party or event. We even have the perfect recipe for a terpene martini.
  • Food -- Bring the benefit of terpenes to your menu and give your customers flavors that truly separate you from the competition.
  • Beverage -- Your beverage options have never tasted so good.

Check out this quick video on terpene emulsification in water vs. in oil:

This is the breakthrough to round out the flavors of your products and be more creative. Say goodbye to limited oil based flavors and hello to innovative water-based flavors to get your customers excited and set yourself apart from your competition.

The terpenes are emulsified, meaning the blend is consistent from start to finish so your customers enjoy the same taste from the beginning to the end of their experience. In an infused OG Kush drink, for example, the first drink will taste like OG Kush and the last drink will taste like OG Kush. Your customers won’t find an overwhelmingly “terpy” taste at the top of the drink or a flavorless taste at the end.

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