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What Does “Terpene Infused” Mean?

Terpene infused products include terpenes as one of their ingredients. But how? Why? Discover what “terpene infused” really means and more.

From carts and candies to wraps and beverages, terpene infused products are trending! So, what exactly does “terpene infused” mean? In the simplest sense, a terpene infused product is one that includes terpenes in its ingredient list. Simple, right? Well, yes and no.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have some understanding of what terpenes are. You might know they’re aromatic compounds responsible for the flavor and aroma of most plants. Today, terpene experts can isolate these terpenes and infuse them into a variety of products.

Read on and learn what terpene infused really means, why you should infuse products with terpenes, and which products benefit the most from terpenes.

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What Does it Mean When a Product is “Terpene Infused?”

The explanation itself is pretty simple. A terpene infused product is one that includes terpenes in its ingredient list. But how exactly does it work? Where do the terpenes come from? While there are several methods for extracting terpenes from botanical sources, our scientists use molecular distillation. 

Terpenes are extracted from raw materials using a molecular still. This device takes raw materials and pumps out the atmospheric pressure from the contained area. The removal of atmospheric pressure is sometimes referred to as vacuum. When a sample is under vacuum, its boiling point is lowered. 

It requires specialized equipment and it’s really expensive, but this process allows us to extract the terpenes without harming them. The final extraction ends up having the highest purity without the use of any solvents. 

After that, manufacturers can easily incorporate these terpenes into their product formulations. 

Why Infuse Products With Terpenes?

First, because relying on plant matter alone to infuse products with flavor and aroma can be expensive and time consuming. Terpenes are incredibly sensitive and can be influenced by weather, soil quality, and even farming techniques. That’s why two identical plants grown in different conditions might have different terpene profiles. 

So, if you want to use terpenes in your products, it’s best to stick with expertly extracted botanical terpenes. If you REALLY want to use pounds of meticulously grown plant matter, we won’t stop you. However, using high-quality isolates or blends will save you time and money while ensuring your products have the consistent flavor and aroma you’re looking for.

Second, terpenes interact with us. Even the terpenes you encounter in nature can have an effect on you. Ever noticed how relaxing lavender can be? Or how the scent of lemons elevates your mood? That’s because the terpene profiles of those plants promote certain effects!

For example, linalool, a terpene isolate found abundantly in lavender, is known for its sedative properties. D-Limonene, an isolate found in lemons, has anti-stress properties. The latter can also increase product absorption through the skin, making it GREAT for skin care products. 

So, on top of making products smell and taste specific ways, they can make some products more effective. 

What Kinds of Products Can You Infuse with Terpenes?

Honestly, there are a TON of products that can be infused with terpenes.

Distillate is a great example. While the distillation process creates some seriously powerful oils, it also removes the natural terpenes. That means the flavor, aroma, and desired effects are stripped from the final distillate as well. While it might seem silly to add terpenes back to distillate after they’ve been removed, it gives you control over the user experience. 

Food and beverage products are also a no brainer when it comes to terpenes. Plus, terpenes won’t add calories or sugars, so they’re even perfect for things like seltzer water.

Plus, like we mentioned earlier, terpenes not only provide desirable aromas, they can actually increase the effectiveness of products. For example, D-Limonene can increase product absorption through the skin and studies show it may even provide sunburn protection against CPDs (cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers). 

The antibacterial properties of certain terpenes make them phenomenal additions for hand soaps, skincare, and even acne treatments. Want to take your topicals to the next level? Try an isolate like beta-caryophyllene that has analgesic properties. How about personal care products designed for the outdoors? Try an isolate with anesthetic properties like Eugenol for bug bites.

Even beverages like beer, which have typically relied on hops and other plant matter, can benefit from dry hopping with optimized hop extracts.

Create a Terpene Infused Product Today

As leaders in the research, development, and production of botanically-derived and cannabis-inspired terpenes, we create unforgettable sensorial experiences. When you partner with us, we’ll help differentiate your brand and product line with new, consistent, and scalable experiences in a variety of applications and products. 

Contact us and let’s talk about infusing your products with terpenes today. Plus, don’t forget to follow us for all the latest updates.

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