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What is Camphene and What Are the Camphene Terpene Effects?

Aside from the unique cooling sensation of this terpene isolate, the Camphene terpene effects are a perfect balance to its potent aroma. Learn more.

If you’re looking for an aroma that inspires invigorating deep breaths, look no further than Camphene. Plus, while you may not be familiar with its name, you’ve already experienced some of its unique properties if you’ve come across things like turpentine or bergamot.

In our opinion, Camphene is a seriously underrated terpene. Aside from its unique cooling sensation, it’s also prominent in the terpene profiles of cultivars like Pink Runtz and Sour Diesel.

Read on and learn more about Camphene and the Camphene terpene effects.

What is Camphene?

Camphene is a monoterpene (meaning it has ten carbon atoms and two isoprene units) commonly found in conifer trees like Douglas firs and other sources like nutmeg, cypress, bergamot, holy basil, camphor oil, and more. 

What Does Camphene Smell Like?

You may have noticed that most of those plants that produce Camphene have strong scents. That’s not a coincidence. Camphene has a potent aroma of earth and pine that’s invigorating and in your face. 

It’s also important to note that while many often describe it as having a camphor-like aroma, Camphene and d-Camphor are two distinct terpene isolates. We understand the confusion, though, considering they have a similar aroma and can be found in some of the same botanicals (although you’ll find LOTS of Camphor in camphor trees). 

What Are Camphene Terpene Effects?

Do you know that stuff you rub on your chest whenever you have a cold? Yeah, it’s the stuff in the little blue bottle that somehow cuts through your stuffed sinuses so you can breathe through your nose again. Well, have you ever taken a look at its ingredient list? 

Yes, you’ll see camphor oil listed, but you’ll also see things like nutmeg and turpentine oil. Not only will you find Camphene in camphor oil, but you’ll also find it in both nutmeg oil and turpentine oil. Again, this isn’t a coincidence. That lung-opening goop we all slather ourselves with to alleviate congestion is jam-packed with ingredients that include Camphene. 

That’s because this terpene isolate has a unique cooling sensation when applied topically. On top of that, many studies have indicated that it may promote heart health through an innate hypolipidemic properties

Native Series Terpene Profiles | Abstrax Tech

Terpene Profiles That Contain Camphene

If you’re looking to experience the aroma and sensorial effects of Camphene through cannabis, then you’re definitely going to want to check out Animal Mintz, Pink RNTZ,  and Sour Diesel.

Animal Mintz really highlights the camphoraceous properties of Camphene with a wave of powerful cooling mint. You can taste its dessert-like genetics in the sweet notes of cookie dough followed by potent notes of gas. While that may sound overpowering, Animal Mintz manages to be pungent, refreshing, and satisfying. 

Our Pink RNTZ profile, on the other hand, has a fruity and subtly herbaceous aroma with just a hint of sour candy tartness. It also contains alpha-Pinene, which adds an even more potent euphoric cerebral sensation (not to mention the added pine aroma). 

The fuel-forward aroma of Sour Diesel is already pretty iconic, and Camphene contributes to its potent pine and earth scent. The hint of citrus gives it that perfect hit of sour, and, like the other cultivars we mentioned, its sensorial effects are transformative. It starts with a rush of cerebral stimulation, but continued use will often lead to sedation and couch lock.


AI Terp Effects | Abstrax Tech

Camphene and AI Terp Effects

You may have read that Camphene is predominantly found in Indica cultivars, but that’s not necessarily true. Terms like indica and sativa don’t actually refer to effects, but to plant biology. We know, it can be confusing. That’s why we do so much research to figure out what terpenes, and different combinations of terpenes, create specific effects.

Through that research, we’ve created our AI Terp Effects. With a combination of machine learning and state-of-the-art research and manufacturing capabilities, we’ve created terpene blends that are optimized to deliver specific effects. We’re talking about effects like energy, inspiration, focus, etc.

Our Peaceful AI Terp Effect blend just happens to need Camphene in it to round out its combination of mood states like “uplifted,” “energized,” and “focused.” The research we conducted in order to create these products shows that we can objectively quantify the association between moods and terpenes. 

Essentially, Camphene works with the other terpenes in this blend to promote feelings of total relaxation without sedation. So while this terpene may be most known for its potent aroma, the Camphene terpene effects are just as important.

Explore Camphene Terpene Effects and Camphene Terpene Aroma

If you’ve been searching for an ingredient to take your products to the next level, Camphene could be exactly what you’re looking for. From its pungent aroma to its unique properties, Camphene is primed to become an important element of upcoming product formulations.

Contact us today to talk about how you can start using this terpene in your products. Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media for all the latest updates.

Terpene Isolate

Extracted from the leaves of the camphor (cinnamomum camphora) tree, Abstrax’s Camphene is most notable for a damp wood flavor with fir needle influences. 

Terpene Profiles with Camphene

Animal Mintz' pungent, minty profile can bring an instant wash of relaxation to soothe the most savage beast. Analyzed from a particularly choice bit of rosin, this profile is awesomely dank while still cooling and refreshing.

You might associate "pink" with delicate effects, but don’t be deceived. Think sweet, a subtle herbaceous aroma, and just a hint of tartness. It’s practically dripping with sweet flavors and even sweeter effects.

As a cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, it should come as no surprise that Super Sour Diesel is fuel-forward with pungent notes of pine, earth, and citrus. Prepare for a sauce that’s unforgettably potent.

Positive mood enhancement. Peaceful is formulated to promote feelings of total relaxation without sedation. Kick back, tune out, and unwind.


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