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Abstrax Revolutionizes Cannabis Aroma Science with the Discovery of Tropicannasulfur Compounds (TCSCs)

Abstrax unveils the elusive chemical magic behind favorite citrus and tropical cannabis scents, reshaping the industry's understanding of aroma in cannabis cultivation.

TUSTIN, Calif., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Abstrax is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking discovery in cannabis research: the identification of a new class of tropical volatile sulfur compounds, dubbed Tropicannasulfur Compounds (TCSCs). As shared in "The Science of Exotic Part III - The Trio of Tropicanna", this finding is set to revolutionize our understanding of the distinct, pungent, citrus, and tropical notes in cannabis. Abstrax's recent white paper challenges the long-held belief that d-Limonene was responsible for these sensory experiences, a theory that has dominated the field for over a decade. This distinct "tangie" aroma has surged in popularity over the past decade particularly with the introduction of the Tangie cultivar from DNA Genetics which echoes the classic Tangerine Dream strain from the 90s.

"The revelation not only reshapes our understanding of cannabis chemistry but also brings us significantly closer to unraveling the complexities of this enigmatic plant, which continues to reveal its multifaceted nature," says Max Koby, CEO and Co-Founder of Abstrax. "Our extensive research reveals that TCSCs are the primary contributors to the strong and distinctive aromas found in popular cannabis varieties like Guava, Papaya, and Tangie. These compounds, present in minuscule quantities within the plant, have an exceptionally high odor perception in humans, making them elusive yet significant in shaping the overall aroma profile of these strains."

One of the most fascinating aspects of TCSCs is their ability to impact the scent of various cannabis strains. Despite their trace amounts in the parts per billion, these compounds can overpower other terpenes and flavorants. This means that different varieties, even those with diverse terpene profiles, can exhibit strikingly similar citrus notes due to the presence of TCSCs.

"Abstrax's progress in understanding Tropicannasulfur Compounds is not just a scientific milestone; it's a stride towards connecting the cannabis community with the essence of the plant," said Boris Shcharansky, Vice President, Cannabis Advisory at Weedmaps. "This discovery enhances our collective understanding and provides new avenues for both enthusiasts and industry professionals alike in exploring strain development and aroma customization."

The discovery sheds light on the subtle differences in the aroma of cannabis strains. It's not just the presence of TCSCs that matters, but their specific ratios within each strain that lead to the nuanced differences in aroma. This understanding is vital for breeders and cultivators seeking to develop strains with particular scent profiles, as well as for consumers looking to better understand the complexities of their favorite varieties.

"This breakthrough is a testament to Abstrax's commitment to advancing the scientific understanding of cannabis. By uncovering the mysteries of TCSCs, we are not only enhancing the knowledge base of the cannabis community but also paving the way for new possibilities in strain development and aroma customization," says Koby.

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About Abstrax: Where Innovation and Science Meets Flavor Mastery

As the pioneering leader in the world of botanical flavor technology, ABSTRAX excels in crafting innovative terpene-driven, functional flavor solutions. Serving the cannabis, hops, flavor and fragrance industries, ABSTRAX is the trusted product development partner that forward-thinking CPG brands turn to when looking for a competitive edge. Founded in California by a team of award-winning PhD scientists, flavor chemists, and visionary product developers, ABSTRAX harnesses its three divisions to craft transformative CPG applications via innovative technology and more sustainable, all natural, and cost effective ingredients. Abstrax Tech produces groundbreaking peer reviewed research publications, discovers new flavor compounds, and produces terpene blends and flavors for tobacco, cannabis, and food applications – including botanically derived cannabis flavor experiences, live all-natural hemp derived terpenes, and mood-enhancing terpene-flavor systems. Abstrax Labs offers cutting-edge R&D, extraction and analytical technologies through its proprietary Terplytics™ system. Its technology delivers the most advanced botanical testing for exploratory research, sensory quantification, strain validation, product development, and consumer insights. Abstrax Hops provides the most advanced research, products, and services that push the limits of brewing innovation. Its wide range of solutions encapsulates the authentic varietal specific Hop Flavors, Dank Flavors, and next generation of advanced hop products including natural hop aroma extracts. ABSTRAX offers the utmost in safety, quality and regulatory adherence, ensuring seamless integration into product lines. Delve deeper with ABSTRAX at, and

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