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A Terp in the Right Direction: Sleep

Welcome to A Terp in the Right Direction - Today we're going to tackle the topic of terpenes that can help lessen anxiety and calm the mind. Everyone experiences anxiety sometimes. Surprisingly, some anxiety is natural. Too much, however, can lead to high cortisol levels. If those levels don’t naturally decrease, they can have a VERY negative impact on your overall health and wellness.

That’s why it’s important to have the right tools to help you combat high anxiety. Some people use meditation or exercise to regain a sense of calm. Even if you’re already using those tools, you should consider pairing them with terpenes!

best terpenes for sleepSee, all terpenes have effects as unique as their flavors, so it makes sense to choose yours wisely. While they all taste delicious, Abstrax’ variety of blends are also designed to help get you feeling your best. So, how can we help you?

Anxiety and the Fight-or-Flight Response

Anxiety is a leftover evolutionary trait from our early ancestors’ fight-or-flight response. It helped them assess whether a threat was minor enough that they should “fight” or major enough for them to “flee.” It’s one of the main things that kept them alive in the face of animal attacks, natural disasters, or threats from other people. 

When a threat is detected, a series of stress hormones are released that cause specific physiological changes designed to help the body fight or flee… 

Physiological Changes from the Fight-or-Flight Response

The adrenal glands start pumping cortisol and adrenaline, which increases heart rate and oxygenates the body to prepare it for action. Pulse rate and blood pressure increase, and the lungs start to take in as much oxygen as possible to increase alertness in the brain. Senses heighten and energy surges because adrenalin has released stored glucose and fats into the body. 


These changes are so efficient that most people don’t realize it’s happening until after the threat has passed. You’ve probably heard of people “reacting without thinking” in the face of a threat. That’s the fight-or-flight response!

Once the threat has passed, the stress hormones should recede and there should be physiological homeostasis again (balance).

However, just because we don’t face those kinds of threats anymore, doesn’t mean that our fight-or-flight response has just gone away. Now it responds to things like cars skidding on black ice, getting mugged, or big life changes. When our body doesn’t know how to find equilibrium after the “threat” has passed though, that’s when our health starts to take a dip. 

How Does Anxiety Affect Your Health?

Stress and anxiety that linger long after a “threat” has passed, can have detrimental effects on your health. 

When those stress hormones stay in your system for too long, the following symptoms may occur:

  • Headaches, dizziness, etc.
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Increased risk for high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
  • Weakened immune system
  • Muscle tension
  • Insomnia
  • Social isolation

While short-term anxiety from perceived threats is totally normal, a persistent feeling of stress and anxiety isn’t. This is particularly hard to deal with living in a fast-paced world where a curt email from your boss may send your heart racing.

This makes having calming practices and tools a necessity! If your morning jog does the trick, then great. If you have the time to practice some breathing exercises, that’s phenomenal. But not everyone has the time or ability for those things.

That’s where terpenes come in… 

Terpenes Can Help Combat Anxiety and Create a Sense of Calm

Regardless of where your anxiety comes from terpenes have the potential to help lessen anxiety and help you find peace. Plus, terpenes are natural! They’re already a part of the natural world around us, and we interact with them everyday. 


However, here are some actionable ways for you to harness the power of terpenes to help you feel safe and calm:


  • Place an aromatherapy diffuser next to your bed and use calming terpenes to help you fall asleep.
  • Keep a vape pen on you to use relaxing terpenes in the middle of the day.
  • Use terpenes in massage oils and give yourself a relaxing foot rub at the end of a rough day.
  • Create a terpene infused bath bomb for a calming soak in the tub.
  • Light a terpene infused candle in your office to help you combat workplace stress.

For specific terpenes that could be helpful in fighting anxiety and promoting peace, check out our blog all about The Best Terpenes for Soothing Anxiety.

Terpenes and Cannabis for Promoting a Sense of Calm

For those wanting a terpene product for severe anxiety issues, adding terpenes to cannabis product can be the way to go. 

First, rest-assured that Abstrax terpenes are 100% cannabis free and if you’re not interested in utilizing the calming properties of cannabis--that’s fine! Terpenes aren’t unique to cannabis, there just happens to be a LOT of terpenes in cannabis.

It’s important to note, however, that many terpenes are more powerful when combined with cannabis. Because of the Entourage Effect, terpenes and cannabinoids can actually work synergistically together to be more effective than they’d have been on their own.

Also, terpenes are a big part of why cannabis smells the way it does. But, beyond their skunky aroma, terpenes affect the way you feel in a big way. Knowing what terpenes do enables us to choose our journey, rather than riding the lightning of a random trip. 

Is it time to sink into the couch to enjoy what relaxation can bring you or are you ready to go surfing? Do you need a lively boost for a day of play, or are you looking for something to keep you calm on a busy day? 

THIS is why understanding terpenes is so important! It gives you the power to decide how you feel. For those who are tired of feeling anxious...that’s a pretty big deal.

Cannabis Strains for Anxiety

Sometimes, people can experience a dreadful feeling of unease after consuming cannabis. No one likes that creeping, lingering sensation that someone or something is out to get him or her. Plus, if you’re trying to combat anxiety, that’s exactly what you DON’T want.

Shatter the illusion by enjoying one of our soothing blends including terpenes like Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene, and Beta-Caryophyllene:


Caryophyllene is a terpene that leaves its mark on those who take it, particularly as in isolate. It’s signature spicy aroma might sting the nostrils upon first impact but this terpene is actually a go-to for soothing physiological stresses and helping you put your mind to rest at the end of a long day. It’s also what those adorable drug-sniffing dogs are smelling for at the airport, a testament to Caryophyllen’s ubiquity and strong odor.

Shop Soothing isolates + blends with high caryophyllene content to promote sleep:

Abstrax Tech


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Abstrax Tech


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Abstrax Tech


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best terpenes for sleep


Despite having a name that might suggest prominence among the terpene family, terpineol is actually tougher to find than one might think. Of the dominant terpenes, terpineol is among the least common. This often comes as a surprise because terpineol is actually found in many strains -- as well as common fruits like apples -- though only in small amounts. But seeking it out is worth the effort for the next time insomnia creeps in, as users often notice a calming, sedated feel from high-terpineol strains. In essence, terpineol is the ideal partner for when ‘Netflix and crash’ needs to substitute for ‘Netflix and chill’. If you don’t have a terpineol-heavy strain on hand, lining your bedroom with lilacs might help -- or keep a few extra apples in your fruit basket.

Strains with the highest Terpineol content:

Cannabis Strains for Promoting a Sense of Calm

Deadlines, obligations, and the other necessities of modern living can sometimes leave us overwhelmed. While the garden of life does need routine maintenance to be truly healthy, it’s perfectly normal to take a break sometimes. 

Calm everything down and let your worries drift away with some Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool prominent blends below:

Shop calming, sleep-promoting blends with high terpineol content:

Abstrax Tech

Jack Herer

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Myrcene is a terpene that gets around. It can be found, at least in small quantities, in most terpene-heavy strains. For fans of India Pale Ale beers, Myrcene is the perfect terpene to complement a cold one after a long day, as the terpene and hops work well together to relax the body and prepare for a full night’s rest.

Strains with the highest Myrcene content:

  • Grandaddy purple
  • Purple Kush
  • Special Kush 1
  • White Widow
  • Skunk XL

Shop Abstrax Myrcene Isolate:

Abstrax Tech


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Linalool has strong sedative and anxiolytic effects, helping the mind enter its hypnotic sleep-ready state while simultaneously working to curb anxiety and antsy feelings. This terpene was shown in a 2012 study to reduce locomotor activity, which helps the body calm down and enter a state of rest. Because of this relaxed state, you won’t want to do anything that requires significant motor function after consuming Linalool.

Strains high in Linalool:

  • LA Confidential
  • Purple Kush
  • Amnesia Haza
  • Lavender

Shop Linalool to promote body and mind calmness:
Abstrax Linalool Extract
Abstrax Tech


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Cannabis Strains for Promoting a Sense of Calm

Deadlines, obligations, and the other necessities of modern living can sometimes leave us overwhelmed. While the garden of life does need routine maintenance to be truly healthy, it’s perfectly normal to take a break sometimes. 

Calm everything down and let your worries drift away with some Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Linalool prominent blends below:

Final Thoughts

We hope this inspires you to try terpenes for stress and anxiety. Life is meant to be lived, and it’s really hard to do that when you’re dealing with chronic anxiety. 

Terpenes can be used in so many creative ways, and we love seeing all the new products people make with our terpenes. 

If you’re interested in cannabis, you can add our terpenes to cannabis products OR you can mimic the terpene profiles of specific strains with our terpene blends. The possibilities are endless! Contact us today and let us help you create something truly unique. 

Did you enjoy this series? What topic should we tackle next? Increasing your energy levels? Helping you focus your minds? Start a conversation with us on Facebook or Instagram!


  • The fight-or-flight response is a natural, evolutionary train designed to help us respond to threats.
  • When the body doesn’t recover from that response, it can be negatively impacted by stress hormones like cortisol.
  • Terpenes are a natural, efficient way to help combat stress and anxiety throughout your day.
  • Terpenes and Cannabis together have even more calming properties.

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