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Blue Dreaming | Get to Know Your Favorite Strain

If you’re a consumer, you shouldn’t have to think too hard to remember the last time you smoked Blue Dream. While you may have forgotten some details of that relatively recent memory, a choice was made in the dispensary. In fact, many people choose it. It’s one of the most popular strains in America. But, why? What separates Blue Dream from the many other strains out there? Why is it so popular?

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The Effect 

While a customer’s choice it depends on their personal preference, Blue Dream distinguishes itself by catering to a variety of needs. It is Sativa-dominant. This means it's good for managing pain, inducing relaxation, and encouraging a calmer mental attitude. Having said that, this Hybrid’s Sativa roots manage to elevate a consumer’s state of mind while boosting alertness and avoiding that crippling couch-lock.

Blue Dream manages to combine the best of both worlds - retaining the stimulation of its parent, Super Silver Haze, while embracing the firm Indica impact of Blueberry. The high is invigorating but grounded, profound and tranquil but somehow manages to avoid the overbearing drowsiness inherent in some Indicas.

Blue Dream Effects


Blue Dream made its fame in California but became a familiar favorite for consumers throughout Colorado, Washington, Oregon, etc. The blueberry strain stood out with over $9 million in combined sales during this time. This beat out second-place contenders by almost 50% in Washington (Cherry OG) and 30% in Colorado (Durban Poison).

More recently, the race for a number has become closer with the heavy-handed Gorilla Glue #4, provocative Durban Poison, and brawny Bruce Banner #3 selling well. While the number one spot may come and go, Blue Dream is too entrenched in the stoner arsenal to ever vanish.



An important factor in popularity is availability. When there is a large supply of something, people tend to notice. Blue Dream is widely available; it’s not trademarked or limited in any way. Any farmer who wishes can simply purchase clippings or clones and begin growing to turn a profit. Speaking of profit, Blue Dream is a hardy crop that has high, predictable yields relative to other phenotypes.

Sungrown Farm

It’s meaty, with a fast-moving root system that promotes growth and stability for its dense buds. This strain is resistant to devastating powder mildew and can be grown in the higher temperatures that can fry weaker strains. With such durability, it’s easier to calculate how much weed can be grown from a particular crop. From a grower’s perspective, Blue Dream is a wise decision.



Blue Dream is grown in a huge number of farms to supply the massive public demand. However, there is no universal methodology governing these farms, so each location will have differing growing methods. Nitrate levels, light exposure, temperature setting, so many things affect the final product. These different cultivation parameters often result in each farm of Blue Dream having a different terpene composition. They all end up tasting slightly different.

Terpenes vs. Non Terpenes Explanation



The Abstrax Blue Dream blend is labeled as a Sativa. This can possibly be confusing to people who read that Blue dream is a Hybrid, or have found the strain labeled otherwise in stores. Well, if the spectrum was drawn as a line with Sativa and Indica on either end with Hybrid in the middle, Blue Dream would fall closer to Sativa than Hybrid.

Unlike farmers, we provide the exact same terpene profile in every single batch of our Blue Dream blend. We have confidence in this mixture. Try it out for yourself, and join the many, many others who also prefer Blue Dream.

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