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Chemdawg | Get to Know Your Favorite Strain

Its origins may be mysterious, but its effects are fast-acting and potent. Read on and discover why Chemdawg is a cult-favorite cannabis strain.

Some say the strain was born from a star-crossed seed exchange at a Grateful Dead concert. Others claim it’s descended from the Dog Bud strain from Colorado. No one knows its true origin, but either way, this cult-favorite is pretty legendary. This week we’re diving into the dank world of Chemdawg.

This gassy giant is the parent strain to other heavy-hitters like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. So, when we say Chemdawg is dank...we mean DANK. Its effects are fast-acting and seriously not for the faint of heart. Although, now that we think about it, a big part of those effects comes from its unique terpene profile. 

Before we jump in too deep, we want to remind everyone that our terpenes are cannabis free and 100% legal. However, we do work very hard to isolate the specific terpene profiles of popular strains so both cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers can enjoy and benefit from them. 

Once you’ve experienced this strain, you won’t soon forget it. Read on and discover why Chemdawg has been a strain-favorite for decades past (and for many decades to come).

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Chemdawg | Get to Know Your Favorite Strain

If you think you know everything about this strain, think again! Here’s a few juicy details...

  • The dominant terpenes in the Chemdawg strain are Valencene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Alpha-Humulene (aka Alpha-Caryophyllene).
  • The most common description of its aroma is DIESEL. Overall, it’s sharp and earthy while still being herbal. It’s particularly pungent and yet deliciously musky.
  • The isolates found in this blend provide several different effects that contribute to the overall Chemdawg experience. Think cerebral with palpable body relaxation, and energetic with a splash of creativity.
  • Indoor cultivation is recommended to avoid mold and mildew, but its height and bud weight can still pose issues for novice growers. Proper growing technique, however, will promote a high yield of particularly unique and beautiful flowers.
  • Whether you’re using this blend in cannabis or non-cannabis products, it’s particularly beneficial for those who deal with stress, chronic pain, or even just those who need to get over a creative slump.

Chemdawg Terpene Chart - Abstrax Tech

Chemdawg Terpene Profile

One of the first words people use to describe Chemdawg’s aroma is DIESEL. It’s sharp, yet earthy. Herbal yet almost eye-watering. And while that might not sound enjoyable, it’s deliciously musky. It’s a scent you can’t ignore and a flavor you can’t get enough of. But it wouldn’t be what it is without the unique blend of isolates that make up its terpene profile.

A whopping 34% is made up of Valencene. This little-known isolate has a scent that manages to be citrusy and woodsy all at once. Found in citrus fruits like valencia oranges, grapefruits, and nectarines, this sesquiterpene has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and may even be helpful for reversing skin damage from UV rays. Now, we’re not saying that getting ripped off those dank buds will get rid of your sunburn, but Valencene is most definitely underrated. 

While you might think it’s citrus scent would be overpowering, the herbal and woodsy elements of Valencene’s aroma actually blend seamlessly with the spicy scent of Beta-Caryophyllene. Found in black pepper, hops, caraway, and a variety of other spices and popular herbs, this isolate is unique among terpenes. This bicyclic sesquiterpene has a unique structure that let’s it bind easily to CB2 receptors. That ability is part of what makes its effects (anti-inflammatory, analgesic, mood elevation, etc.) so incredibly powerful. 

Shop Chemdawg Terpene Blend - Abstrax Tech

The third most prevalent terpene in Chemdawg is Limonene. This terpene has a citrus-dominant aroma and is found in fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges. It’s also another powerful anti-inflammatory with mood-elevating properties. Its anti-stress properties are one of the main reasons it’s so popular in aromatherapy products (that and it’s mouthwatering scent). Also, this lively terpene is often found in strains recommended for daytime use, as it can be very energizing.

We won’t go into the other 30+ terpenes that make up this blend, but we do want to mention one more. Alpha-Humulene (aka Alpha-Caryophyllene) will smell particularly familiar if you’re a lover of beer. It can be found in plants like hops, sage, and coriander, and it has a potent earthy flavor with bitter, woody overtones. When it comes to the overall Chemdawg experience, however, this terpene provides pain-relief, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

It’s no wonder, with terpenes like these, that the Chemdawg experience is so powerful and unforgettable.

The Chemdawg Effect

Non-cannabis products that utilize this terpene blend will still get the taste, aroma, and subtle effects without the psychoactive properties of THC. For products that DO contain THC, however, things are going to get more intense.

Let’s just put it this way--without THC, the effects are like sipping your favorite caffeinated beverage while running fun errands with a friend. It puts a fun pep in your step, conversation flows like water, and you’ll probably notice less stress and maybe even fewer aches and pains. Add this blend to a product with THC, however, and it’s a whole different story.

Chemdawg Buds are long and tapered with wispy leaves and orange pistils - Abstrax Tech

Lovers of the full Chemdawg experience often describe it as cerebral with a unique body high. It’s surprisingly energetic and upbeat, making it perfect for any creative endeavor. And while it doesn’t give you the couch-lock experience that some Indica strains are known for, there’s a noticeable feeling of relaxation. Its effects are particularly fast-acting and potent though, so cannabis newbies should use this strain sparingly until they become acclimated. 

This isn’t surprising when you look at the actual plant this blend comes from. The Chemdawg cannabis plant is a Sativa-dominant strain that usually has anywhere from 15-20% THC, and very little CBD. So, while this strain is recommended for anyone needing a relaxing, energetic experience, it has the potential to increase paranoia in anyone with THC sensitivities.

With these effects, this strain is particularly helpful for anyone experiencing stress, chronic pain, migraines, or even just creative slumps. 

Chemdawg Cultivation

While seeds are more readily available than they used to be, it takes a lot more than good ol’ water and sunshine to grow a healthy Chemdawg plant. Basically, newbies should be cautious. 

While you can grow Chemdawg outdoors, this strain is prone to mold and mildew. Having a controlled, indoor environment helps to reduce these issues, but even then these plants still require a lot of manual labor from their growers. Like most sativas, this strain tends to grow UP instead of OUT. They can exceed 5 ft in height, so bending and pruning early on (preferably in the vegetative stage) will help them stay manageable. 

After 9-10 weeks or so, you should see a high-yield flowering with 2-2.5 ounces of bud for each square foot of plant. While that sounds awesome, having such a tall plant with such heavy buds means the branches could potentially sag. To remedy this, we recommend using a system of supports during the flowering stage to keep the plants upright and healthy.

When all is said and done, you should end up with medium-sized buds that are long and tapered. With wispy leaves that are a vibrant green and burnt-sienna colored pistils, the overall bud still manages to have a silver-white appearance from all those tasty trichomes. This creates a particularly resinous flower best broken up with your preferred grinder--unless you’re into that sticky texture all over your fingers.

Chemdawg Terpenes Will Elevate Your Entire Day - Abstrax Tech

Elevate Your Day with Chemdawg

Whether you’re wanting to use this terpene blend in cannabis or non-cannabis products, Chemdawg is an energetic, creative experience. Normally, when people tell someone to “adjust their attitude,” it’s a bad thing. Today, we’ll happily adjust our attitudes with a hearty whiff or two of Chemdawg.

Contact us today to talk about adding this blend to your products and let us know about your Chemdawg experiences on our Instagram! Try it out for yourself and you’ll quickly understand how this strain cemented its place in the cannabis hall-of-fame.

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