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Enjoying the Soothing Effects of Your Isolate? Thank Bisabolol

Bisabolol, also known as α--bisabolol or levomenol. It’s one of those quiet players that no one really talks about, but that actually makes a big impact on its host. Bisabolol’s soothing effect has made the terpene an increasing source of interest as users desire to know more about what they’re using, whether that be in flower, tinctures, or lotions.

specialized extract such as our Alpha-Bisabolol terpene isolate. . Abstrax harvests the power of terpenes to make their benefits easily available, and through our blog, we break down the properties and perks of the many terpenes. Here’s the breakdown on where you’ll find it and why you may have just found your new alpha.  

What is bisabolol, exactly?

Bisabolol is the primary constituent of the essential oil from Myoporum crassifoliun and German chamomile --since you totally wanted to know that -- and is a colorless oil.

Another fun tidbit for those really looking to nerd out -- the chemical formula of Bisabolol is C15H26O. We’re not going to quiz you, so don’t feel pressured to write that down. To put it In the world of fairy tales, bisabolol likely wouldn’t be one of the seven dwarfs but rather the offspring of Sleepy and Happy.

Where this terpene does deserve to grab some attention, however, is due to its sweet floral aroma. It hits the nose like a flower and the mind like a soft cushion, helping users to relax and potentially offering some notable medical benefits. It is also used as a major component in cosmetics, fragrances, and skincare product, often because it is organic in nature. You’ll find it in most prevalent in Sativa strains, as well as in a number other plants.

Our Alpha-Bisabolol product is extracted from German Chamomile and has hints of woody, floral, and earthy undertones.




Families with Abundant Bisabolol

To identify and find strains rich in bisabolol, sniff strains which are listed as offering a sweet, floral aroma same like chamomile. Terpene amounts vary from harvest to harvest, but some strains are consistent in producing elevated levels – specifically strains in the Headband and Kush families. The strain having the highest level of bisabolol is NYC Diesel, followed by Kali Mist.

If you’re into flower and want to experience bisabolol firsthand, check out one of these strains:


  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Harle-Tsu
  • Black Lime
  • Headband
  • Gold Country Afgoo
  • Master Kush
  • AC/DC
  • Pink Kush
  • OG Shark
  • Sour Diesel


Bisabolol benefits

Bisabolol Terpene boasts a delicately sweet and floral aroma where it is most highly prominent. When combined with c-compounds, bisabolol enhances the synergistic healing and calming nature. Entourage Effect according to Wired. Many skincare products use Bisabolol because it is rich in panthenol, a chemical substance built of pantothenic acid, and a vitamin B5 form, as noted by brands such as Lamav.

It is also commonly found in Chamomile products and sometimes in sage, plants that have been used for ages to help heal wounds and treat a number of other ailments. It has also been used in traditional medicines since ancient times to treat sunburn, skin irritations, and mild burns.

In all likelihood, you’re not going to rub bisabolol extract on a sunburn. With Alpha-Bisabolol, you’ll notice the aroma and effects of the extract help to encourage a soothing feeling of relaxation. When you come home after a long day, that might just be reason enough to give it a try.

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