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Prep Black Friday Product Formulations with Botanical Terpenes

Whether you’re looking for classic holiday aromas or iconic cultivar profiles, learn how botanical terpenes can give your products an edge for the upcoming holiday season.

With just a little over three months left until Black Friday, it’s time to finalize formulations so your product line is prepped and ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year. And one of the most efficient ways to infuse your products with aroma, flavor, and/or sensorial effects is with botanical terpenes.

Botanical terpenes are those that have been extracted from legal plants such as cloves, citrus, lavender, and even pine needles. We can then use them to authentically re-create the aromas, flavors, and effects of traditional holiday flavors and even popular cannabis cultivars. 

One of the best parts about botanical terpenes is that once they’ve been isolated, they’re essentially no different from the same terpenes you would find in ANY plant. This raises an important question, though. If, on a molecular level, there isn’t really a difference between cannabis-derived, hemp-derived, or botanical terpenes, what are the benefits of botanical terpenes? 

We’re so glad you asked.

Why Should You Use Botanical Terpenes For Product Formulations?

The simplest answer to that question is that it’s much easier for botanical terpenes to be California Compliant. Cannabis products manufactured in the state of California must adhere to DCC regulations that require flavorings to be natural and “enhance” and not “mask” the natural flavor and aroma of cannabis.

But what if you’re not manufacturing cannabis products? What if you’re not even manufacturing in the state of California? Oh, don’t you worry. There are still plenty of benefits to using botanical terpenes for your product formulations. 

Botanical Terpenes Are More Consistent

Terpenes are volatile. If you can source plant matter with a consistent flavor and aroma (which can be expensive), even things like rough handling can alter or destroy terpenes. That means the final product may not have the desired aroma or flavor. Expertly extracted botanical terpenes, however, will be consistent every time. That means fewer variables to contend with during product development, more control over flavor and aroma, and scalability won’t be an issue.

Botanical Terpenes Cost Less

To ensure that plants create a consistent terpene profile, growing conditions must be carefully monitored and may even require specialized equipment. For cannabis, the cost of licensing and growing makes it expensive to source. Even manufacturers of non-cannabis products that rely on plant matter for aroma and flavor may incur additional costs from consistency issues.  In the end, extracting terpenes from botanical sources is less expensive, and those cost savings are passed down to you.

Botanical Terpenes Don’t Contain Cannabinoids

Terpene isolates are just that… they’re isolated. We use molecular distillation to manufacture the purest terpenes possible without using solvents or fillers. So, when you use our botanical terpenes, that means there also won’t be any cannabinoids like THC. That means both cannabis and non-cannabis product formulations can utilize botanical terpenes for aroma, flavor, and sensorial effects.

Botanical Terpenes Can Ship Worldwide

The lack of cannabinoids also means that botanical terpenes can easily ship worldwide without the same legal headache involved in shipping cannabis-derived or hemp-derived terpenes. 

Prep Black Friday Product Formulations With Holiday-Inspired Terpenes

It’s no secret that the popularity of certain aromas and flavors ebbs and flows with the seasons. So, while it’s technically still summer, now is the time to start crafting product formulations with traditional holiday-inspired aromas.

Some of our most popular holiday-inspired blends can be found in our Entourage Series. We’re talking about things like the cooling rush of Candy Cane,  the iconic sweet and spicy warmth of Pumpkin Pie, or the distinctly brisk nature of Winter Mint.

For something with more intensity, Peppermint Mocha from our Cloudburst Series will deliver the high-impact flavor you’re looking for. The indulgent combination of silky-rich chocolate and cooling peppermint perfectly captures the holiday season.

Perfect Cannabis Products for Black Friday with Classic Cultivar Profiles

Whether or not you’re creating cannabis products, you can still utilize the iconic aromas and sensorial effects of classic cultivars. The blends featured in our Native Series are a collection of Advanced Terpene Profiles that taste and smell exactly like the original cannabis material. Unlike cannabis-derived terpenes, however, they’re not limited by supply, they don’t cost your firstborn child, and they’re legal worldwide.

Not sure where to start? You could lean into the pine scent of conifer trees with profiles like that of Dynasty OG or Sojay Haze. Or you could play into cultivars whose names evoke images of cold and winter, like Northern Lights

Conversely, you don’t have to find any sort of angle whatsoever. If you already know your customers enjoy specific cultivars like Garlic Cookies or Blue Dream, then give them what they want. No gimmicks and no games. Just the authentic aromas and effects you know they love.

Craft Trending Products for Black Friday with Botanical Terpenes

We have terpene solutions for a wide variety of product innovations. From our terpene-infused papers to our AI Terp Effects which are optimized to promote specific sensations, we’ve done all the hard work so that you don’t have to.

Have a particular aroma in mind? We’re always thrilled to create custom terpene formulations that are tailored to fit your customers and give you total ownership. Contact us today, and let’s discuss how botanical terpenes can give your products an edge for the upcoming holiday season.

Botanical Terpenes for the Holidays

The iconic Thanksgiving dessert has finally arrived at Abstrax. Distinctly sweet and creamy with all of the classic warm spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger. Give thanks all year round with Pumpkin Pie.

The peppermint candy we all know and love is a classic holiday staple - but only when it’s done right. It has to have that rush of cooling mint, a dash of sweetness, and a sprinkling of good cheer.

This flavor is a divine combination of silky-rich chocolate and brisk cooling peppermint. It’s indulgent and decadent, yet refreshing and uplifting. The next time you’re craving a comforting dessert-like flavor, reach for Peppermint Mocha and treat your taste buds to a slice of heaven.

Dynasty OG has inherited all of the authoritative dankness of its OG Kush lineage. Regal elements of pine, citrus, and earth merge with loud gassy aromas to inspire loyalty, relaxation, and respect for the OG.

After years of searching, we’ve discovered the best version of this cultivar and modeled it from a particularly juicy sauce. This invigorating blend of sweet blueberries captures the sexiest, most iconic version of Blue Dream.


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