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Top 4 Terpenes to Enhance CBD Products

Discover which terpenes help increase the effectiveness of CBD products.

The popularity of CBD products is only expected to grow. While that’s definitely great news for CBD brands, the challenge then becomes standing out amongst increasing competition. From pet supplies and cosmetics to wellness and carts, more and more products are hitting both ecommerce and brick and mortar shelves. 

One of the simplest ways to build brand loyalty for CBD products is by offering products that actually deliver on ad claims. Whether that’s clearing up acne, promoting a restful night’s sleep, or even elevating mood, the products that effectively deliver those results will quickly outshine competitors.

When it comes to providing specific effects, however, relying on CBD alone sometimes isn’t enough. Yes, the research behind CBD’s effects is compelling, but additional ingredients like botanical terpenes can greatly enhance the effectiveness of many CBD products.

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CBD and Terpenes

Why You Should Infuse CBD Products With Terpenes

On top of being able to infuse products with desirable flavors and aromas, terpenes interact with our bodies in important ways. Like CBD, terpenes are capable of influencing receptors throughout our bodies which can have a variety of effects.

This is particularly important for CBD products though. Besides being able to infuse products with aromas and flavors, terpenes can work synergistically with cannabinoids and other compounds to alter, enhance, or lessen effects. 

This phenomenon, known as the Entourage Effect, is still being studied today. One recent study, however, found that cannabis extracts with terpene deficiencies might have impaired pharmacological efficacy. They concluded that, 

Enriching cannabis extracts with selected terpenes may provide a suitable solution, generating a safe, precise, and reproducible drug with tailored cannabinoid and terpene contents. Careful selection of terpenes to be added enables tailor-made extracts, adjusted for various medicinal aims and for different populations.


Infuse Calming CBD Products with Linalool and Myrcene

Whether it’s an aromatherapy, personal care, or even a cart, CBD products designed to promote relaxation will benefit from Linalool and Myrcene terpene isolates.

Linalool, and even plants known to produce large amounts of this isolate, are known for their sedative properties. Lavender, for example, has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years to promote a sense of calm and to help people sleep. In a study of 31 American men and women, researchers found simply sniffing lavender oil before bed increased sleep quality and increased their energy the morning after.

Linalool Terpene Isolate | Abstrax Tech


Myrcene is another isolate with potent sedative qualities. In a study with mice, myrcene was found to provide sedative effects, increase sleep time and help with motor issues. Plus, myrcene dominant blends with other relaxing terpenes create an opportunity for additional effects and flavors in CBD products.



Infuse Mood-Elevating CBD Products with Limonene

With the increased interest in mental wellness over the last few years, it’s no surprise that consumers are turning to CBD products. Some consumers are looking to relieve occasional anxiety while others simply want a temporary mood boost. Either way, D-Limonene may be able to help by infusing products with its anti-stress properties.

In this particular study, doctors subjected rats to non-pathological stress and split them into a control group and a group administered 10 mg/kg of d-limonene or its metabolite perillyl alcohol (POH). The results showed the rats administered d-limonene displayed fewer signs of stress and retained better activity-even more so than those given the perillyl alcohol.

Additionally, several studies illustrate the powerful anxiolytic potential of D-Limonene as well.

D-Limonene Terpene Isolate | Abstrax Tech



Infuse CBD Skin Care Products with Bisabolol

The reason bisabolol is popular for CBD cosmetic and skincare products is that it contains properties that are particularly useful for skin health. Admittedly, this isn’t new information. Plants with bisabolol have been used in traditional medicines for many years to treat various skin irritations.

One study administered a topical bisabolol substance to rats with skin inflammation and found that it significantly inhibited skin symptoms. In the end, their “findings suggested that α-(-)-bisabolol may be a useful therapeutic candidate for the treatment of skin inflammation.”

Another study published by the Archives of Oral Biology noted that alpha-bisabolol, in combination with tea-tree oil, successfully killed certain bacteria. These antibacterial effects make it a great addition to acne-fighting products. Oftentimes, the ingredients used for these items are harsh and irritating. Bisabolol, however, is gentle enough that it can get the job done without causing the same type of drying or irritation.

 Alpha-Bisabolol Terpene Isolate | Abstrax Tech


Create Powerful CBD Products with Terpenes

We’re pioneering terpene driven sensorial experiences so you can create products that are unlike any others. Strategically using CBD terpenes will put your products in a league of their own, and we can help you get there.

Contact us today if you’re interested in exclusive terpene formulations for your products, and don’t forget to follow us for all the latest updates.


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