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What Are Botanical Terpenes and Where Do They Come From?

Botanical Terpene extraction is essentially the best way to get terpenes out of the plants that host them.

Once extracted, the terpenes can be optimized and used for their health benefits, calming and soothing effects, and pungent smells. Botanical terpenes are terpene isolates extracted from legal plants such as cloves, citrus, lavender, and even pine needles.

Some of the most common botanical terpene extracts are myrcene, alpha pinene, linalool, and limonene. 

What you’re getting with botanical terpenes that you aren’t getting with other extraction processes is better variety and consistency.

While many terpene extract products are harvested from only one plant (which happens to be illegal in many places, the botanical terpene process can use any number of different plants as the terpene source.

Why does my business need botanical terpenes?

As a business which uses terpene extracts in its products, your number one priority is using the most effective terpene profiles to enhance what your customers are buying.

A common misconception is that botanical terpene extracts are always derived from plants that are illegal in many places, and because terpenes are so common in plants around the world, the truth is that this is not necessarily the case.  

When you by botanical terpene extracts for your business, you receive not only the specified terpene isolates but also their esters, flavonoids, and alcohols that are extracted from the plant in the process.

Each of these properties helps to give the terpene its flavor profile, smell, and impact on users, and is a big reason why we have such a thing as the entourage effect. 

How consistent are botanical terpenes?

botanical terpenes 

Consistency in botanical terpenes effectively comes down to one word: isolation. When your terpene is isolated properly and sourced from a plant that is grown in extremely similar conditions to other batches of the same isolate, your provider is able to ensure a higher level of consistency and thus, you are able to offer your customers a higher level of consistency in your terpene products.

The rise of indoor hydroponic growing has done wonders for the consistency of terpene isolates. Think of your terpenes like you’d think about wine during a visit to a small vineyard.

Likely, that vineyard grows the same grapes year after year and has developed a streamlined field-to-bottle process that helps each vintage retain the same overall flavor and effect.

While no to vintages are going to be exactly the same, due to any number of factors like weather or predatory bugs, the carefully curated process keeps the product as close as possible from year to year. Botanical grows are, these days, at least as consistent, if not more so, than the process we just described.

Terpenes are increasingly popular as organic, healthy chemicals that have offer a wide variety of benefits -- most notably, powerful and pleasing smells -- but there are also risks which is why you should choose your terpenes wisely.

We are able to grow each batch of plants in strikingly similar conditions and follow the same rigid isolation and extraction process each time.

This gives our customers a consistent terpene product that they can be proud to send to market.

What are botanical terpenes used for?

In short, botanical terpenes are used for the same thing as terpenes derived from other sources -- a pleasing aroma, soothing effects, and overall well-being. For those unfamiliar with what terpenes are, they are fragrance-emitting, volatile unsaturated hydrocarbons that are commonly extracted from plants, in various different ways.

Find more information on terpenes here.

Why Abstrax botanical terpenes?

At our research and development lab in southern California, our team of scientists and industry veterans have spent years developing the best processes for botanical extraction. We’re proud to have built a client roster of loyal brands that trust these processes. Our Terpenes are

  • Of the highest quality
  • Ultra pure, 100% free of any fillers
  • Our terpenes are undiluted by PG, VG, MCT, or coconut oil
  • Have the most complex terpene profiles on the market
  • Have consistent flavor profiles so your customers know what they get
  • We adhere to rigorous processing SOPs
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