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Terpenes Enhance The Consumer Experience

Make Your Brand Memorable

Out of all senses, aroma has most powerful memory recall. Scents help us vivid experiences and emotions, that's why terpenes create such positive consumer response. Enhance your brand and create memorable products with terpenes.

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Product Appliction

Consumers want sensational products - from edibles and beverages to aromatherapy and inhalants. That’s where terpenes come in. Terpenes can be infused into a variety of products to enhance their aroma, taste, and effects.







Design The Ultimate Consumer Experience

As experts in terpene science, we use cannabis to better understand terpenes. This research allows us to create complex blends with unique aroma profiles. What sets terpenes apart, and what truly inspires us, is their ability to directly affect the human mood. We can design unique consumer experiences with terpenes.

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shop by effect

If consumers are looking for specific effects, infuse your products with terpenes specifically designed to give them what they’re looking for.