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Abstrax Tech Introduces Water Soluble Terpenes

Abstrax Tech is proud to announce the launch of our new line of water-soluble terpenes. We’ve taken our extracts, and put them through an emulsifying process that allows the terpenes to blend seamlessly with water-based products.

How do water-soluble terpenes work?

Terpenes blend with alcohol and chloroform. By their nature, terpenes are not soluble in water because they are an oil. The two don’t mix, much like when you try to mix red wine vinegar in olive oil at an Italian restaurant. What Abstrax has done with their water-soluble terpenes is put them through an emulsion process that helps them blend with water-based liquids.

Water-soluble terpenes can round out the flavors in your product to a more full and rich profile, giving them a kick that will come to define your brand. They also give companies the ability to get creative in the kitchen, bringing out new flavors not possible prior to the terpenes being emulsified into the water. In short, brands are no longer stuck only with water-based flavors -- they can use the profile of the terpenes to create new flavors, much like a product like LaCroix water, which tastes good because it is flavored with hydrosols.

There are no added sugars with water-soluble terpenes. Best of all, all of this is done with no sedimentation or accumulation at the bottom of the mix., creating a shelf-stable product that won’t separate after the emulsification process.

There's no better way to add a new terpene-infused kick to your product line!

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